Thursday, November 11, 2010

superhero capes and masks

So Im sitting at the breakfast table this morning, half awake wishing I was more than half asleep, when Jumeirah hands me a note from the depths of her school bag.
It tells me tomorrow is "S" say at school. And she needs a costume. And did I mention its TOMORROW? So she decides to be the Star she wore at the beginning of the year ( so long ago, shes such a different school girl now, thank goodness!) but I dont think that will work for a full day. So she starts throwing ideas at me: "A snake? or how about a Sea horse? OR I KNOW! ..." which is where I interrupted and said " How about a super hero?" And she agreed. :) Phew!

I had used a great pattern before and had great results in making a cape for my nephew and I knew it wouldn't take long.. its a pattern from Puking Pastilles ( its really cheap too!) and so I got to work making a supergirl cape. Fabric I got for about $9 at a local fabric shop down town that I whizzed to with two children after dropping Child number 1 at school and before I fell in a heap of crappy mum mess.. twasnt a great day. BUT! nevertheless, I WAS going to make a cape.

And sew I did ;)

Its reversible which I love, she can be two different people from the one outfit, and truly, its SO simple to make. She didnt want a letter on the back of it so its fairly plain, but its such a gorgeous colour that she will look great in it anyway.
Its also a touch shorter than I would have liked but she was happy cos she can sit down in it.
I also constructed a felt mask ( also reversible) using a simple mask outline and eye holes. Its done but cutting two layers and stitching the elastic between them. Again, not exactly as I would have liked but I am extremely time short so it will do!!

And it works well too!!

Its something really simple but fun to make. Why not whip up one for your little superhero??


  1. That turned out great! You did a fabulous job and she looks stunning as a super hero.

  2. That looks great Karina, you need to give yourself more credit!! You are an amazing and talented mum (and a pretty awesome friend too) :)

  3. GORGEOUS! Your best ideas seem to come in these "stunned" moments, eh, girlfriend? GOOD ON YOU!