Wednesday, November 3, 2010

small,smaller, smallest

Jumeirahs creation using occy straps, a hula hoop, blocks and a skipping rope. See, told you she was random. Brilliant, but random :)

Its been getting a bit more crazy around here ( well truth be known, its getting more crazy in my head) in the preparations for Littlest Miss' 2nd birthday... the kitchen ( oh the kitchen!) is nearly done, still have my fingers crossed that the last of the pressie deliveries arrive before Saturday.. and finally last night I finished the cake topper I made for her. Yes it looks incredibly simple. No, it wasnt. That damn head took me just under three HOURS to make. Stupid bear. NEVER AGAIN ( have I said that before??)
Today, another request for painting and so I jumped on it :) I got three primary colours to paint with, and three different sized brushes: small, smaller, smallest. I really could have said thin, thinner, thinnest but I wasnt sure they would understand that as well just yet. I showed them the brushes and asked Jared which one was the smallest. He picked up the yellow, named it, and began painting. He did the same with the red and blue, working out which one painted the smaller line first. Both he and Amahli experiemented with the differing widths with a great deal of giggles and sound effects.

Until right now, most of these arty, paint experiences have just been experimentations. Today, for the first time, he talked about what he was going to paint. "A head, two eyes, a nose, a big mouth, and hair. Mum, its you!" I was utterly gobsmacked. He then grinned at me and said " See, you so pretty, Mum". Gulp.I love this kid :)

He then proceeded to do the same and paint daddy, which again, really surprised me. I told him how proud I was and that he did a wonderful job.

Whilst all this love was flowing, Little Miss took the opportunity to paint her self. And with a giggle she turned to me and said " See Mum? I pretty too!" Cheeky chicken :)

You'll see what we turned this activity into tomorrow :)

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  1. I think Pooh looks fantastic. You did a great job!