Monday, November 29, 2010

painting Georgia Okeefe style with Kool Aid

End of last week, I had a family of sick chicks... two with conjuctivitis, one losing her voice, all three wanting to do nothing but sit and chill in front of the tv. So whilst they were sitting there doing nothing, I thought I would make a brew of kool Aid paint to entice them to want to paint :)
It worked.

Jumeirah and I had found some art by kids who had been inspired by the artist Georgia O'Keefe, an artist who painted beautiful artworks inspired by nature and in particular, flowers. And so we decided to have a go at doing some ourselves which the idea that she could give them as Christmas pressies to the family.
Jumeirah, of course, needed to taste it first. Only took her one try to not want to do that again :)

I love this face
She began by drawing a flower, large enough to reach the edge of the page. I made her all the colours she wanted ( she too, had to try them first) and then she began to paint over the drawing. At this point, I told her I really wanted a surprise at the end and so I left her painting, knowing full well I have a really bad habit of instructing her too much. I drive myself nuts as well as stifling her creative edge so walking away and encouraging her from other points in the room meant that she could do as she pleased.

And whilst she did just that, Littlest Miss turned me into a paint slave, asking for each colour and making me pass it to her so she could create a masterpiece too. She loves Kool Aid :)

And when Jumeirah had finished, she made me close my eyes, and then she showed me all she had done.
And they turned out spectacular :)

I loved the colours she used. I love how she did one as a sunset. I love that shes proud of herself and that she enjoyed it so much. I love that both of us were able to enjoy the experience without me telling her what to do. (So often, So so often, her ideas work better anyway!)
I love these kids and their arty side :)


  1. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Tell Miss J that her flower drawings helped turn my sad face (from being robbed) to a happy one! : )

  2. Those kids are so artsy because they have an extremely talented mum.