Friday, November 5, 2010

play kitchen DONE

My last day as a 1 yr old....

For over three months now, I have had this stupid idea in my head... I should make Amahli a kitchen for her birthday. ( Next time that happens, Thump me. HARD)
Finally, the night before her birthday, it is DONE :) Its not quite what it was in my head, but its pretty close. It looks awesome and shes going to love it ( Gosh she'd better love it!) The reason I decided to create it rather than buy it was pretty simple. I couldnt fathom spending more money than what I did on my own kitchen. Sure, they are really cute but really, any more than $200?? She'd be having to REALLY cook me something in it. I also wanted it to be wooden, figuring it would last longer. And so, I started googling play kitchens. OH.MY.GOSH. There are some incredibly talented parents out there! Carving things from bits and pieces, hacking up IKEA parts, creating the most gorgeous play spaces for their kids. this one was a particular favourite...
Blue Kitchen. Once I started looking, I quickly realised I was going to have to make it :)
So, most nights, I sat and dreamed how I wanted it to be.. last week, I decided I better go get some wood and get started!
Now, it just so happens, that hubbins dad is a woodworker and when I metioned I was going to make this little creation, he was keen to come to Bunnings with me and help me out. ( Which is lucky really, cos I had no idea)
He then told me he would flat pack it for me, so all I had to do was screw it together. When I arrived to pick up my flat pack, it was not so flat and more like the kitchen I had planned :)
Mum in law then had her own therapeutic time in priming and sanding it for me, Dad in law added shelves and a kitchen door, a sink and tap and sanded too. ( I couldnt even watch the sanding part... I HATE sandpaper. I am having trouble even typing it, you should see the teeth gritting going on here)

Primed and ready to paint

This is what I was manned with when Hubbin left for trivia and my arty friend rang me... she came over pretty quick :)

Last night, I began to paint it with the help of a bossy painty type friend ( who is loved, really ;)) and we completely covered it in dark blue and cream paint.
And then we repainted it cos the colour wasnt right... until midnight. Crazy.
And so today, I whizzed up curtains, painted a sign, screwed in the hooks, fixed the paint job, dropped the paintbrush on the said paint job, repainted mess, walked away for while, came back and fixed it yet again.
And here it is. FINISHED.

Set up all ready for my gorgeous 2 YEAR OLD to come play and cook.
I hope she likes it :)

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  1. You and your relatives are incredible Karina!! That looks amazing!