Monday, November 15, 2010

playdough faces/marble transfering/ taking care of pets

Amahli's brilliant bubble machine... best entertainer EVER

Tonight I have run dry my word quota for the day ( month.. year.. it feels like) And so mostly what we did over the last couple of days will be shown in photos :) Its simple stuff... fun and involving.

Friday afternoon, Amahli and Jared were keen to play with marbles having discovered the jar in the cupboard. So they were happy to repeat something we have done a number of times and they still love it: marble transfering with tongs. Its tricky and takes patience and great hand eye control. They both spent ages doing it.

I thought I would get one last play out of my awesome playdough of last week and added some things to make faces ( Jared still is really keen to create faces: in painting, in drawing, in sand.. so this was going to encourage that a bit more) that he could stick into the dough. Eyes, paddlepop sticks and wire sticks were all used to create this funny face.

Amahli added her own touches but shoving paddlepop sticks for "hair like me!"

She was also very keen to help me when I told them I was going to was our dog, China. Poor China, was once the favoured child, is now just the dog :) Loved, but definitely last on the list. But today she needed a bath. None of them have been that interested in helping in this job, its mine alone, lucky me. Today, Amahli perched up beside me and chatted in the sweetest " mum" like voice to this poor, shivering creature, calmly assuring her it was all going to ok and we were nearly all done.

I love days like this.. flowy and easy, being in each others company and then playing alone.
Im hoping for a WHOLE week of that!

DO you get your kids involved in looking after pets? How?


  1. We washed our dogs this weekend, too! The kids are always wanting to help, which is (of course) not helpful. We never see pictures of China. Very cute dog.

  2. not many photos of our little china girl anymore.. shes well and truly down the bottom of the ladder. She is very cute though :)
    how many dogs do you guys have??