Thursday, November 4, 2010

sand art from the archives...

Due to the fact that I am up to my eye balls in painting, I am pulling from the archives tonight :) Really, youa re lucky to be getting anything! Its 11.54pm....

Lately, we have been dealing with a sand obsession..... Amahli has to be eating it, sitting in it, filling her nappy with it ( yes both from an external and internal perspectives, its really good for roughage Im sure), helping Jumeirah make concoctions with it, dumping small castles of it all over the house... and really just enjoying the sensation that sand is. So I took it one step further. Ages ago, I coloured it for the other two and they loved making patterns with glue and coloured sand. And so I coloured some more ( using food colouring and leaving it out in the sun) and let Amahli have a turn at using her fingers to pinch small fingerfuls of it to create picture.

Jared was straight in today, gluing and then "sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle" on his page. He loved watching the colours become brighter as they hit the page.

Amahli ran her hands through it for awhile then I gave her a paintbrush to glue, followed by a small container of coloured sand ( this activity can get a bit tricky if you dont have 24 eyes in your head :) Make sure you know where the sand containers are at all times and put lids on them when they arent being used) and she too sprinkled using two little fingers to pinch the sand. This is great for strengthening small muscles in the fingers that will be soon used for writing.

I also put their glued page into a rectangular container to contain the sand ( I really dont like it going everywhere at the best of times but when its coloured its even worse) which means they can sprinkle to their hearts content :) Then I shake the excess sand back into the sand containers.

I also encouraged Jared to sprinkle over my glued page and it revealed a "J" for "Jared!". Going to find some more fun lettery things to do.

I also tried to change sand play, using smaller containers of it so they would just play with it from outside rather than getting in it.... I added some buckets, sieves, pouring things... do you think it stopped them from getting in it???

Not so much :)


  1. This looks like fun. I hope that painting is going well. :-)

  2. it is fun! messy, but fun :)

    Painting is DONE!!!!!