Thursday, November 18, 2010

try looking up

Lately, Ive had a run of average days. Its left me feeling a bit flat and frustrated... I struggle when the friends around me dont do what I think they should, when my expectations have to be lowered, when things just dont go right.

So I vented on the ever present Facebook (I would be lost without it really :) )

My vent was " Karina needs healthy suggestions on how to deal with the world when its hell bent on pissing me off" ( sorry, I told you I was having a bad day)

A response came from a friend " Ignore the world luv!!Look above!!"

Well, today I did. The day is much like yesterday, grey and rainy. And so looking up, I see this.

Not really that inspiring really. ( yes I know what she meant, bear with me)
Until it hit me. I KNOW FOR A FACT that the sun still shines above those gloomy clouds. I flew in a plane once and was shocked that although on the ground the rain fell heavily and the sky was completely cloudy, once we got through the clouds, the day was brilliantly sunny and blue.
So, I KNOW that although it SEEMS gloomy to me, that brilliant sun is still shining above. Even though I cant see it, or feel it, I know its there. And clouds pass. Ok, so sometimes they hang around long than we want or can deal with, but they DO pass. And often, they bring a rainbow, a promise of better days ahead.

So, if the day is grey and gloomy, either inside or out, try looking up. Who knows, you may get a glimpse of Heaven while you're there :)

I believe in the sun even if it isn't shining. I believe in love even when I am alone. I believe in God even when He is silent.

Author Unknown


  1. Perfectly written! I saw that comment when you wrote that, I thought it was great.

  2. it is sunny above the clouds cause that's what God did..... remember he is bigger than anyone & thats why ur friend said look above....

  3. We are SO alike! I was going thru a REALLY rough time - back in the day of being a single mom, going to grad school, working 4-5 jobs, etc. - and was in my car driving somewhere when I heard a song ... no idea the title or any of the other words except these "somewhere it's snowing." Snapped ME right out of my funk, too! It may be raining on ME, but SOMEWHERE the sun is shining (or it's snowing) and God is ALWAYS still God!

  4. oooooh love the quote at the end! Gonna pinch it!