Wednesday, November 17, 2010

window drawings

Sometime earlier this week, I was reading a post of a lovely blog I follow Mom Tried It. Over there, Kim was talking about a great little product from Crayola ( no, Im not being paid either by them) called Window crayons. Now, here in Australia, we dont get NEARLY as many cool things as some lucky ducks in the states, but I was wandering our local craft shop and THERE THEY WERE! So I grabbed a pack, ready for a dark and rainy day. And today was just the day :)

We dont have the crazy darkness that she has either. I cant say its ever been dark before 6pm at least so it wasnt quite as effective as hers but it was still a very fun thing to do.
I didnt tell them what we were doing, just sat down and started to draw on our glass door. They looked at me in shock and were very quick to join.

I had drawn Jareds name on paper and stuck it to the other side so he could trace it which he seemed to really enjoy. He really struggles in holding a pen so any encouragment and activities to help are always good.

Amahli just had fun drawing :) The crayons are ridiculously smooth and creamy, and write just beautifully. I was a bit addicted myself.
Then I asked Jared to go outside and put his face on the other side. I began to trace his features while he giggled and wiggled away.

Amahli was up next and was exactly the same, wiggling and giggling and falling over.

Then they both told me to go outside and I realised how funny it was to have two people come at you with crayons, even though you have glass between you :)

Of course, Miss Picasso just HAD to try them out on her skin. Which for some reason today Jared followed. As I said, the creamy crayon is really quite beautiful to work with, even on skin. I turned them both into cats before heading for the bath to wash them off.

35 minutes later, happily pruned by the bath water, two children and I rugged up went puddle ducking in the rain.

And now I really have a reason to clean the glass... tomorrow :)... maybe.


  1. Okay, which store did you get these at! Must have them... must have them....

  2. I LOVE IT - all of it - the wiggles, squiggles - and CATS!

  3. It looks like you all had so much fun. I have given my kids a small standing mirror before to doodle on their own faces. The mirrors were quickly covered with so much you couldn't see the reflection, but it is fun, too.

  4. Kim always has the best ideas! It looks like your kids had a lot of fun!

  5. @ Miss Mama: SPOTLIGHT!! in the kids section :)

    @ martha: was a great morning :)

    @ kim: I have every intention on doing it with hand mirrors next week... want to show different emotions and things for Jared but just need to go find me some mirrors....

    @ flying giggles: yes I find Kim quite brilliant ;)

  6. Love the last photo, what gorgeous cats, I mean kids :)