Wednesday, January 27, 2010

syringe painting/libary bag

Best Sisters

Gosh its hit again BIG TIME... slumpsville, with a dash of why bother and a load of mother guilt.

Yesterday was Australia Day here and so daddy had the day off. By the end of the day I had totally convinced myself that it was Saturday which meant I had 4 days before school starts, a whole week before Jareds birthday ( for whom I have made nothing for as yet) and another week to keep plodding on with my secret, time consuming birthday project for someone else.... only to wake up at 4am this morning and realise it was Wednesday. So now I am totally flat and really dont know how I am going to get anything finished in time....grrrr. And to top it off, I am bashing myself up for not putting in enough effort with my almost school girl today as she only has two days left at home with me. Cripes its baaaaaddd....

Anyway, today was a crazy running around day to get Jumeirahs uniform. Not even going to go into that frustrating story but its done and she looks great :)

And so we come to the task of labelling EVERYTHING. Its crazy how much stuff she has to take but I am going to make sure all of it comes home everyday. And so we picked out paint and I began to label my little heart out. As this was a bit tricky to do, I set her up with her own paint and some syringes so she could have a go at trying to paint by sqeezing paint out of the syringe, in a similar fashion to my labelling.

Pretty funny to watch really, as paint in a syringe (when squeezed fast) sounds like a rather giggle inducing bodily sound ( a fart). And so while she merrily "fart painted" I tried to write in a straight line.

Jumeirah decided after a few pages of paintings that she didnt like the end result and so she changed the painting to butterfly painting. Still sqeezing the paint from the syringes, but then folding to create these beautiful butterflies.

I also decided to make her a library bag (school ones cost a fortune!!) from some cute fabric she picked out last week.
I cut two pieces of the fabric, as well a long strip to make the handle. I cut quilt batting to go between the layers of fabric to make it more durable and more comfortable to carry with books in it. ( the size of the batting is equal to the size of a piece of the fabric when its doubled over. ( I totally cant explain this properly tonight but if you want proper measurements let me know :) )

I inserted the batting between each of the pieces of fabric and sewed around all the edges. Then pinned both pieces together and sewed the two sides and across the bottom. I then attached the handle on each side, turned to bad right side out and its done!!

And she loves it :) And for the first time in my sewing history, I didnt stuff it up the first time!!


  1. Awesome butterflies! That bag is really cute, too.

  2. GOOD ON YOU GIRLFRIEND! I'm a bit behind in my reading! I love Miss J's butterfly painting - her mummy's girl for being so creative. And the bag is AWESOME! I know how to make it a bit wider with a super easy fold in the bottom - for next time : )