Thursday, January 7, 2010

candle dripping

Rub and dub dub, TWO kids in the tub, and how in the heck do they fit???

Busy hive of activity at our place this morning... I set up the night before and came out to find three little happy workers all doing their own thing.

I didnt get a chance to show them the cool stuff I had planned as all eyes had spotted the new centre piece I had on our table: three candles. Nothing but a bit of a decorative centrepiece really, but all of them wanted to do something with them. And so we did some candle dripping pictures. This is a great activity for hand eye coordination and concentration. And its totally mesmorising :) It doesnt really have an aethetically pleasing final result but really, no one cared about that. Jumeirah started and very quickly worked out that depending on the height of the candle from the paper, she could make larger spots or "splats" as we called them, or holding it closer made small "Dots". (I hadnt even noticed this until she pointed it out).

Jared loved this but did need a bit of reminding not to touch the paper with the candle :) May need to use a lighter candle for him next time.

Amahli came to inspect what Jared was up to and as soon as she saw the flame she started blowing and saying "Hooray!!" and so she had a small drippy time too. She was more keen on blowing it out so we did about 26 renditions of "Happy Birthday" for her :)

Last week we replanted fairy glen as the flowers that we planted have ben over run and mangled by some bug. So we cut back all the old dead flowers and planted some gerberas.


The fairies must be thrilled with their new glen because today we found that all over our lovely lawn was tiny mushrooms! HOw fantastic! ( please note high level of sugary enthusiasm that is trying to mask the fact that mushrooms are totally GROSS!!!) We figure that with all the rain the fairies built them for protection so they can stay close by.. Amahli had a great time trying to pull them out with me :)

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