Tuesday, January 12, 2010

doodle pictures/ chalk wall drawing

This mornings serenade was a little more to my liking at 7.30am.. mellow, soulful and accompanied by the voice of a few little angels :)

Still lacking energy.. somehow my tribe was also feeling it today. Think its the combination of the heat ( yeah its hot) and the fact that FINALLY we have come down from the christmas/new year high. Hoping that over the next little while momentum will pick up again. Its kinda nice to have a quiet time, allows my almost non existent batteries to recharge :) I know it must be kinda boring to read this blog at the moment, but hang in there, cool stuff will come!

Anyway, as per the norm at the moment, Jumeirah was asking for something "fun" to do although she told me " I cant think much cos my brain is lost today". Good words my girl :) I totally get ya.

And so, Jumeirah and I looked for some new doodle pages for her to complete on the internet. ( found some here) I am currently slowly working on my cartoon drawing husband to help me design a simple doodle book for her as she just loves this and its really been such a great creative activity for her doing the adults book I bought him. I drew one for her to get her started, (an icecream sundae glass) and she then chatted about the best icecream flavour and drew it.

My design from today, flavours are blueberry, mint and orange (?)

from the website above, we'll do these tomorrow :)

This afternoon, I pulled out some new chalk and everyone got busy in their own section of the wall. ( note to self : building a 22 metre long wooden retaining wall was a VERY good idea :) )

Please excuse the lack of clothing... who can be bothered??? plus its saving me in washing :)

And after creating masterpieces, Jumeirah found paintbrushes and water and painted over their pictures. " LOOK! I made it change to a darker colour! " was yelled. ( I love it when she experiments off her own ideas. It makes the discovery so much more awesome for her) And so she gave Amahli one too and both girls spent another half and hour painting over their designs and watching the fence change colour :) Quite possibly the best way to paint with a baby, with no colour at all :) Bricks work well with this "water painting" too!

We also had a bit of body art on Amahli :)

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