Monday, January 18, 2010

high tea in felt/ scrapbook pages

I have been totally awed by what I found outside yesterday..... MY FIRST FRANGIPANI BUDS!! To all who told me it wouldnt flower in the first year... LOOK!!!

And then today, I got my very first pickable flower :)

Luckily there is more coming so I picked this one and put it behind one of my favourite ears :)

The colour is amazing. Its hot pink on the back and the very tips of the flower and yellow centred. Its truly the most beautiful flower EVER.

A new week has started and with that comes a few new projects... I am currently madly trying to make a present for a friend whos birthday is in a few weeks ( 4 to be exact ACK!!) from all her friends. Kinda one of those "warm fuzzies" presents that will show her how wonderful we all think she is :)
Anyway, I have been back to a craft I havent done in ages and although its taken a few days to get going, I am absolutely loving it!

Here are a few of the pages so far. ( I cant show any of the work that will go on until its finished and delivered but here are the basic layouts)

Scrapbooking is an easy, therapeutic craft that doesnt cost a lot to start and can be lots of fun. Its something that can be easily put away (when your husband tells you he needs the table you have totally taken over) and you can do it for half an hour or get totally engrossed and realise that you've been working for 4 hours only when you stand up and leave your butt on the chair :)

Today started with a whole lotta crafty kids. I had set Jumeirah up with her Hama beads (best ever purchase BAR NONE) which she absolutely loves and spends hours on.

Todays creations

Amahli wanted to sit up and be part of it today and so I sat her up to watch... which was not quite what she wanted but was also hilarious as she can barely see over the top of the table. But she was happy just being part of the "gang" and chatted and passed random things she could reach to Jumeirah.

What she could see above the table :)

Apparently thats kinda hilarious

Jared also wanted to help her today so he sat up and passed her the beads she needed and also began his own little car.

Didnt quite finish it before he wanted to see what would happen if he picked it up... we then played 200 pick up hama bead style and we decided to do something else.

After the fun we had making tents last week ( except my disasterous one), all kids were wanting something they could play with together. And so we set up our gorgeous food cart that Ma and Pa gave Jumeirah for her birthday and created our wonderful patisserie cafe :)

All three were completely involved in the running of this little place...Jumeirah took orders and poured coffees, Jared served cakes and cleared the table, Amahli was chief taster of both the coffee and the cakes.

Hmmmm Donuts

We had such a fun time playing in this space. We are planning to have the shop running all week with different things to serve each day. Should make for a fun week!!

cake anyone??

Have a few other fun things happening this week... stay tuned :)


  1. Just had to chime in and say how much we love the Hama beads here at our house, too. The big size was great for the 3-6 year old set, now we're into the smaller size. It keeps little fingers busy for quite a while! Love the flower - it's gorgeous!

  2. thanks :)
    i didnt realise there was a big size too?? We need bigger ones for pudgy middle fingers... :)