Monday, January 11, 2010

a very busy day :)

Hit a slump today, BIG TIME. I cant be bothered and my energy levels are hovering somewhere around zero. Its a dangerous place to be really as it makes that other stupid doubty mum come into place and shes just a pain in the backside...

Luckily for me and my crappy mood, my children were angels and had all manner of cool stuff they wanted to do. And so we began what turned out to be a Very Busy Day :)

Jared started at the table, I had simply set out his set of Thomas trains and some wooden London cars.

I am finding lately, these trucks, trains and cars have had new voices and and being played with exactly how Jumeirah plays with her princess dolls :)
(I would love to video it one day but also dont wont to ruin his play)

Jumeirah was more than happy to begin our day belting out some random tune on the (painful) wonderful keyboard she was given for christmas ( really what was I thinking??) We serenaded for about an hour before I lovingly encouraged her to turn it off and give the neighbours a rest :)

She decided she wanted to colour something from the internet (thank goodness for printable colouring in pages!) and spent the next half and hour googling all manner of pages in search of the perfect picture.

Amahli was content and quiet which had me worried until I found her sharing a cot with Poppy and sharing a lovely story.

Such a gorgeous little moment... until she turned to me and said " bitch" with a great big grin ( and no, she doesnt hear the word at all at home, I am just guessing its one of her new random sounds :) ) and so I left her to it.

All three were then happy to colour for some time, Amahli and Jared on Thomas pages ( or actually Amahli was more content in colouring in the table but I know it comes off so I didnt really care), Jumeirah content with a fairy picture she found.

Then I shooed all outside where I had the request for a library cubby ( ages ago, we set up a tent and made it a library corner. It lasted weeks as all three are avid bookers from a really young age) and so we contructed a very interesting tent from sheets and the clothesline. Jumeirah and I also worked out how we could make this cubby better for later in the week, but for the time being, they were happy as it was.

We then got some sand from the sandpit that never gets used, and put it into some large containers. The girls had a ball, adding water, mixing, giggling, making soup, and birthday cakes and lots and lots of sandy MESS, but it was a happy mess so I left them and sat and watched my little girl beauties enjoy themselves. Jared came, saw and left :)

In this moment, I realised how very lucky I was.. three happy, content children who were not just tolerating but enjoying each others company.
And so to thank them for being awesome, I let them loose with the Slip and slide :)

And although I still feel a bit slumpish, I am also happy :)

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