Friday, January 8, 2010

jungle mat/ candle resist painting

My secret picture message my big girl... cos she is :)

I found this great idea from another blog ( oh my gosh there are some amazing bloggers out there!! Mine sometimes looks positively boring!) and thought I would make it for Jared. Not being a real crafter, I wanted to find some new things for him this year when Jumeirah goes to school. This was a perfect start :)
Its here at Plum Pudding and was pretty simple to make. Now mine is only in the very early stages as yet, I wanted to see how it would go before I pour too much effort into it.

Heres the bones of it

Heres what he came out to :)

He had a great time with it for quite awhile. I noticed someone else hovering over it and as soon as he left it, Jumeirah had claimed it and was happily setting up some very peculiar play scene involving a pregnant dinosaur and her friends who were fighting over dinner (?) Imagination is an amazing thing at 5.

After the fun of candle dripping yesterday, I asked Jumeirah to help me with another Candle activity. This time, we had to draw a picture that would be a secret and then paint over it. We decided to do one for each other. She started off with a candle but they are really heavy so she changed to a white crayon which was just as good as just as invisible ( a while ago, I did a secret map with this candle technique and she loved it. See it here.)

Once we had drawn each other a picture, we both painted over them. Its such a graet surprise to see an invisible picture suddenly appear!! And once we had finished, she made one for daddy to do too:)

Jumeirahs picture for me

Jumeirahs picture for Daddy

And for our afternoon treat ( I was thinking chocolate/icecream/ or both...) they wanted to make Jelly.
"But not normal Jelly mum cos its a bit boring for today, how about wobbly jelly!"

Hmmm ok.. so I left them to it :) Its made pretty much the same but it has to be made into something you can get it OUT of. I was lucky to find these little containers which was PERFECT for wobbly jelly, or so I was told :)

And wow! Wobbly jelly so much more fun!!! Unfortunately it flies off the plate much quicker, but that just added to the craziness of trying to eat jelly that is not contained in any way :)

Jelly will never be the same again

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