Thursday, January 14, 2010

scrappy fun/ collage smorgasboard

How can you possibly going to school in just a few short weeks???

The tent.... they came, they saw, they read for a minute, they left :)

Really not a great little project that one. Luckily I only spent a small amount of time making this one... I think most of the problem is it isnt tall enough. I really dont like that they cant stand up.. so its back to the drawing board :)

The rest of the day, I pretty much floated around whilst these three were "hard at work".. creating, building, discovering.. it was such an amazing day to sit back and watch where these little ones were driven to.

Jared, who didnt go near the tent after Amahli walked straight in and thumped her head, was more than happy with the railway I set up for him :) Hes totally Thomas obsessed, yesterday we found a place in Japan called "Thomas Land" and hes already packing a bag :)
He also set up a all his trains and they spent much of the morning travelling around the loungeroom.

Jumeirah got stuck into this construction set (I) Santa bought for christmas. She talking to herself like she was under great pressure to get this masterpiece right.

Finally, I am presented with this:

"Its the 2009, walker helicopter device of the year" ( her words, I didnt have the heart to tell her its 2010)

After that, she wanted to "craft something" and so I got her out some stuff to create with from my collection ( its dimishing fast, replacement seems imminent) .
And so she began.

I also had little miss wanting in on the action and so Amahli and Jumeirah happily passed pens back and forward, Jumeirah showed her how to hold it, told her what colours they were ( oh shes so like her mum!) ( shes a brilliant teacher too! Look at Amahlis 1 yr old pen grip!)

Jared was soon to follow, wondering what was so fun at the table and was soon also heavily involved in cutting every piece of paper that wasnt glued down.
Concentration is MASSIVE.. check out the tongue :) ( this also is so like his mum)

Jumeirah made this gorgeous page for a friend from a kit we got from The Scrapping Bee a few school holidays ago.. it allows her to create as she likes while giving her the starters to get going. She loves them and they turn out so well!

This giraffe is from another current favourite story " Cherry loving Leila" about a giraffe who loves eating cherries!

I love creative days:) I just wish they could pass a little back to me....

wWnt be here tomorrow, I am off to the outdoor cinemas!! See you Monday!

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