Tuesday, January 19, 2010

bubble paintings, bubble fun

"If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change." Buddha

Sleep. Its a funny thing really, I know full well my littlest darling wakes at the moment somewhere between 6.10am and 6.30am ( shes still in training but shes a stubborn mule unlike the other two who got with the program pretty quick and now dont get up until 7.30am for jumeirah and 8.30am for jared) and yet I still go to bed past midnight most nights. You'd've think I would have learnt by now :)

And so, bleary eyed yet again ( 6.30 this morning.. eeww its bad) I began the day mustering every ounce of energy and enthusiasm to do something "fun" as is the call most mornings from Jumeirah.
Once Jared had served me my very high in protein breakfast in his cafe of steak, cheese, chicken, sausage and tomato, I was rearing to go :)

This morning, we were planning to make some cool cards and so we needed to make some cool paper. I got out some straws, dish washing liquid and black food colouring to do some bubble painting.


This has potential to be extremely messy. Dont do it half asleep or you'll end up drinking it and its baaadddd. Also, for kids, I cut a small nick in the straw to prevent it going up into their mouths in the event that they forget to blow. It works a treat :)
I also use a small container for the bubble mixture. I have learnt that if you use a big container the bubbles burst easier and you end up with chicken pox. I learnt that the hard way too.

I started this off so my little neat freaks could see I could do it without getting too messy ( I love mess but I worked hard not to get covered in ink) and then Jumeirah did the blowing and Jared did the printing.

They turned out fantastic! I love the effect and its a pretty simple way to make cool card paper!

This afternoon, while we were all still lovin bubbles, I got out the big bubble wand we bought last week and we had fun chasing around giant bubbles in the yard.

Arent bubbles great?!?!

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