Friday, January 22, 2010


No mum I didnt eat the paint brush. Im totally innocent.

Crazy dress ups and dancing ruled in our house today.. Interesting costumes were paraded, hips were wiggled, giggles rang all day.. one of those crazy but fun days. Jumeirah was chief costume designer and came up with some truly stunning ( yes I was totally stunned by a few of them) masterpieces for herself and her happy models.

When dancing and energy were exhausted, I got out the cotton bus for some simple dot painting. Both the girls loved it, Jumeirah more the painting side, Amahli more the tasting side ( luckily its food colouring).

Jumeirah asked me what she could paint. I asked her to paint something she thought I would like to be, thinking she would paint a doctor, or a chef, or even a florist...
But she painted this beautiful mermaid.

And today, thats exactly what I would like to be :)

Tonight I stumbled across an amazing art.. its called Scherenschnitte. Yes, its a cross between a sneeze and a swear word, but WOW, is it impressive.

Check out this website on Scherenschnitte. Basically, its paper cutting, but the amount of detail is just amazing. And so I thought i would have a go :)
The website above has lots designs you can print out yourself so I thought I would just do a simple one. After 40 minutes, my back was beyond breaking but I had completed ( ok its average but it still looks good) my first Scherenschnitte. Ok so its also my last as I totally dont have the skill to do this fine work but it was fun and now I have a cute gift for a friend (once I frame it).

Go check it out and go Scherenschitte yourself :)

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