Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet. ~Vietnamese Proverb

Nothing much doing today... well nothing overly craftily creative :) All three were happy in their own worlds and spaces today, sometimes together, sometimes on their own. I am always hesitant to change the mood of a day like this and so I went with it, going where I was needed, having my own time and space to watch and listen and take sneaky photos :)

Found these two, quietly reading together. Just one of those moments I will remind them of in years to come :)

We did play a stack of hide and seek as well, chasings, and this afternoon I found that everyone had turned into superheroes! Jumeirah decided that the tablecloth in the cafe was looking lonely and decided to turn it into a cape. Jared was very quick to want one too and the two of them were zooming around the yard, leaping tall plants in single bounds, rescuing a stuck daddy from a treacherous mud pit...

Such a fun bunch I have, dont youy love Jareds head accessory?? Jumeirah raced to find one too cos it made the costume "perfect!".

Wont be here tomorrow as its my birthday :)

Will save you some cake....maybe :)

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