Wednesday, January 13, 2010

indoor cubbies :)

I totally blame Charlie and Lola for todays obsession :)
We have been reading " But where completely are we?" in which Charlie and Lola go on an adventure and go camping. Now, as yet, my children have never had the real thrill of camping... bugs, sleepless nights, strange noises, treks to the toilets.... but reading this book has totally got them wanting to go. And so, this morning, the request was for sheets. Hmmmm.. ok. How much destruction can three children make whilst I attend to breakfast??

Actually I was quite surprised when this little indoor cubby was constructed without completely decimating the loungeroom, and once breakfast was over,( and with the gentle bribe of "help me tidy the rest of the house, and I will help you deconstruct the only room we try and keep you guys out of") we got to fixing this little cubby to make it better :)

All three had a plan and set to it. Jumeirah set to finding food to set up a kitchen, Jared was keen on pulling pillows and sheets off beds to make a sleeping quarter, and Amahli was dead keen on testing the bungee ability of the sheets and attempted a few kamikaze runs before Jumeirah gave her pots and pans and told her to go cook. Which stunningly, she actually did.
And so this was the areas of our simple indoor cubby.

the Master Kitchen

An apprentice chef

Sleeping Quarters.. due to the fact that its a very busy place, only one can sleep at a time.

Dog at the front door :)

They loved it. And so we played in our cubby until daddy came home.. early.. whoops... the room was quickly restored and cubby rests until tomorrow :)

For tomorrow, I have set up two cubbies outside using the big table and a huge sheet. Am yet to make the pillows for it but will do that as well...trouble is, I stupidly got on the net tonight and found these awesome card table playhouses on Etsy and in particular this train one which I know Jared would just love ( his birthday is in a few weeks). Then again, surely I could make one?????

And so even more stupidly, I googled tutorials and BAM! heaps of them...

a girly one, a christmas one, a very much a boys one and this one that I think I will go with. I love the picture frame idea and the pockets. Jumeirah loves her cubbies for reading in so this idea is perfect. I dont really like the height much and the fact that they cant stand up but will test out whether thats an issue with tomorrows cubbies before I embark on this little mission!

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