Thursday, July 1, 2010

My cute little cat :) (Had to be bribed to get it washed later)

Its seems the world is against me blogging at the moment... a variety of things stopped me getting here again yesterday! Add to that, Ma has come for a visit so things get a bit busier :) May not be in here very much till mid next week but will do what I can!

The other day, I found this great little website called Muffin Tin Mom. As well as having some great activities and fun stuff, she does a thing called Muffin Tin Monday, which had heaps of other peoples ideas ( as well as her own) for a cool way to present snack time in muffin tins! I instantly loved so many of the things shown and found some new ways to get my gang to try some different things as well as looking at a new way to serve them so its fun as well!!
So, for morning tea, I did this for my two littles.

It was simple ( we have NOTHING in the cupboard) but it was fantastic! Not only was it recieved with a "WOW MUM!" but Jared and I talked about the patterns I had made, Amahli and I counted how many containers held sultanas and how many had cheerios in it, plus Jared then went and made similar sequences with his dinosaurs. So this got a massive tick from me :) Just need a few more things to add to it.

In the afternoon, I did it again but added a few more things and a bigger tin which Jumeirah described as " the best afternoon tea I never had!!!"

She got right into the sorting with Amahli, and sorted on the mat together. A BIG hit :)

Go check out the ideas! And when you make your own, ( trust me, you WILL want to) link up here so I can see too!

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