Friday, July 9, 2010

Rainbow Friday: RICE

This morning I had breakfast with Batgirl....

There are days that no one likes. Days where nothing goes right, nothing feels right, its all just blah. I have had a few of these days hit in a row lately, I cant really see why, it just seems to be happening ( And it seems that there are a few of you out there going through the same thing!)

Well today, I am done with that :) Today is going to be a great day :)

With that mind set, I told my gang that today we were going to find us some rainbows. I love rainbows ( gee can you tell??) and they never fail to spark a bit of hope to the heart and a smile to the face. So I told them I HAD to clean the kitchen and do the floors and that would be it for today as we were going to find some fun.

Whilst I cleaned and tidied, they all busied themselves. Jared and Amahli raced around on bikes ( yup, not even that kinda craziness was going to get to me today!), Jumeirah sat up at the bench and told me " not to look". Once I had finished and told them we were going to the beach, she presented me with this.

Note that she signed it Batgirl?? Funny little one :)

I cant even put into words how incredibly thoughtful this little 5 yr old is. My heart aches to keep her exactly how she is right now, and I can only hope that this amazing love she has for making others feel better will stay with her forever and that she can see the difference she makes in her own beautiful ways.

Before we set out on our adventure, I got her to help me with a special fun thing I wanted to do with them in the afternoon. I found this great play box idea at Pink and Green Mama that used coloured rice to play in. So thats what we made. I made it much the same as she did, with food colouring and hand sanitiser to set the colour. ( I may have used slightly more food colouring but it made for some bright colours!) We left it in the sun to dry until we got back.

So we headed for the beach which was pure bliss. Super sunny winters day. We made sandcastles, chased, raced, climbed, discovered, tested mums " dont get wet" boundaries, chatted and played.
Photos taken on my mobile with the hipstamatic App. LOVE it.

When we came home, the littles went to bed and Jumeirah and I watched a movie. This afternoon, I set up the rice play box.

The colours were absolutely amazing, bright and vivid and very enticing ( yep I had a little play). I called them to see it and they all gasped. Jumeirah was first in, taking sections of colours and placing them on top of different colours...

Amahli was about 2 minutes behind her and got straight in. All three of them were mixing and sifting, finding things in the drawer to pour with, and also added spoons and measuring cups. They absolutely loved it. And surprisingly, about 10 grains in total ended up on the floor so I was pretty happy with that!

Have set it up for tomorrow as well :)

Happy Weekend!!!


  1. I haven't done rice with my kids yet. I haven't been brave enough yet. My kids are WAY more messy than yours.

    The weather looks great there. For winter, it looks pretty warm. I would love winters like that.

  2. Its pretty cold in the mornings and nights but the days ( when they are sunny) are just gorgeous. the beach was full of tourists today and some were swimming!

    Rice was really good :) Your kids might surprise you! I am often amazed at how three kids ( one begin only 20 months old) dont make more mess!!
    hope the weather is sunny with you :)