Tuesday, July 13, 2010


With all the fun of NOT using our eyes last week ( trust walks, blind painting and the like) Jumeirah decided that yesterday we would celebrate having eyes by glamming them up! (love this kid and her brilliant brain). So she asked me to cut out some masks for them to decorate.

I got out some simple collage and cut the mask shape from bright cardboard. Both girls spent ages sifting through the collage box to find what they wanted. I found myself drawn to the bright colours and pretty pieces and sat and made my own mask, with instructions from both Jumeirah and Amahli. Jared wasnt keen, but asked Jumeirah to make him one too.


Mine :) Jumeirah: "I think all mums should have an extra three eyes.. then when some get tired you can shut them and just use the other ones!" perfect plan.


Once we had finished and had put them aside to dry, Jumeirah found a printable version on the internet ( no idea where Im sorry) and printed off to colour in.

In the afternoon, we took them for a test and wore them into town ( umm actually I didnt wear mine cos I "accidentally" left it on the bench). They were met with many smiles and even a few comments on how lovely their eyes were. It was a great way to end off our talks about how wonderful it is to have eyes. :)

And now to taste!! Going to do some focusing on our sense of taste this week... should be fun!

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  1. Charley is sitting here shouting butterfly (well it's more like flufly). I love that cut out!
    The homemade masks are really cute. I bet the kids really enjoyed it.
    I am surprised Jumeirah didn't make hers more bat girl looking.