Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Taste testing fun

This child, who is only 20 months old, has the most incredibly perfect pencil grip and has begun to demand " picture? picture?" and is now spending most of a day drawing.... stop freaking me out kid and act your age!

Missed blogging last night as I went on a "date" with a friend to see Eclipse... it was good, though no where near as good as the book... but I came out feeling a bit blue. Why isnt love always like that?? That heady rush, overpowering desire, that feeling that you are the most important person in the universe to someone else?? Ok dont get me wrong, I am absolutely still in love with my hubbin, but three kids, a dog and a mortgage, we dont really take the time to let the other one know.
So I made a pact with myself ( at about 3am) that this week I will let each of the beauties in my life ( not just hubbin but the three cherubs) know just how much they mean to me. Somehow :) Stay tuned :)

After our fun of "eye" activities, I moved them onto another sense, Taste. Something we take for granted, something we dont often think about more than whats going in and whether we like it. So I got some things out of the cupboard and put them into little containers for them to taste without knowing what they were. We talked about how things can be salty, sweet or sour and also what we thought would be in each group.

I got some simple tastes out: Vanilla, icing sugar, salt, vinegar, and jelly crystals as I didnt want to scare them off with things like chilli and curry powder... I started by using a spoon and placed things on their tongues. Its really very funny to watch, especially when you start with my favourite taste, Vinegar. I made them close their eyes to start so they would focus on the taste rather than the sight. I also tried pinching their noses closed as that makes a huge difference to taste.

All were a bit hesitant after the vinegar but they were still interested and told me they would do it themselves. Using fingers, they dipped them into various things and tasted them. Amahli got stuck into the Jelly crystals and ate the lot. Jumeirah was more keen to blend the vanilla essence with the icing sugar which, she told me, was much better.

And so to finish and celebrate the fact that taste buds are awesome, I got out some biscuits to cover with icing and smarties :) Of course we had to test the icing too... ALOT :)

Can you tell we are in the middle of winter?? The sun in our backyard is so magnificent Jared declared it a pants free day.

Such a fun thing to do, so simple and yum to boot!

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  1. I love fun and simple things! That is it, I want to move there. Your winter looks like my kind of winter.