Thursday, July 8, 2010

Senses: eyes, look what I made!

My true beauty... yes the outside may be pretty but your gorgeous nature, your positive spin on absolutely everything, your need to make the world a happier place, your desire to make my life easier in everything you do.. thats what makes you beautiful :) xx

We had the most horrendous night the other night. The disaster happened when we had a simple blackout. Jumeirah, who has always slept with a hall light on, obviously woke up and found the room in complete darkness, then tried to get out of bed and come looking for me. I was catapulted from my bed to the scream " MUM! I NEED YOU YOU! RIGHT NOW! DONT YOU HEAR? I NEED YOU!!! NOW!!!!!" that sound more like she was being ripped limb from limb rather than lost in her own room. She was absolutely terrified. Coupled with that was the fact that she sleeps with head phones on so she couldnt hear me yelling back to say I was coming but was having my own 'cant find myself in the dark' issues. Finally we managed to find each other, clung for awhile and, thankfully, the lights returned. Three kids all were resettled in about an hour and sleep returned ( for all of another hour before Amahli announced she was done with bedtime).

The next day, I talked to her about what had happened and she commented on how she tried to find her way on the dark but couldnt see a thing. And so I thought of a fun thing to do that could show her how to get around if it happened again.
We talked about what it would be like to not be able to see at all, how would we be able to move around without running into anything? How would we know where we were? And I told her we were going on a walk.

I blindfolded her and took her hand and old her she had to trust me. Well she didnt. She absolutely did not want to move even with me holding her hand.

Finally, through much convincing, she did begin to let me lead her around the house, instructing her to use her other hand to feel her way around. I then got her into her bedroom and let her go, using verbal instructions to get around the walls. She thought this was pretty cool and eventually she got herself outside with my directions.
I told her next time we were in a black out, she just had to follow the wall to my room and she'd be ok. Her response? " Nah, I think I'll just scream again cos that worked faster". Yep good lesson that one :)

It took me ages to get her to stop doing this.. shes peeking out the bottom :)

I then left her blindfolded and got her to do a painting on the wall. She thought this was hilarious but did it anyway, trying to paint a person, a tree and her name. She was surprised that the tree actually looked like a tree.

Changing their perception of things ( like taking away a sense like sight) is a great way for them to learn about how life can be for some people. It allows them to practise using other senses ( like hearing and touching) to cope in the world and their own environment. It was also really fun!

Last week sometime, a blogger friend asked for volunteers to test a skirt pattern. Thinking this would be fun, I signed up :) And it was :)

The skirt will hopefully very soon be available from Treasures For Tots and was actually not as hard as I first thought ( luckily I did have my mum to help but it still wasnt that hard)

And even though I am not friends with ruffles, this little skirt turned out really really cute! And the best part? It fits both girls! Yes either my 5 yr old is really skinny, ot my 18 month old is a chubber... probably a bit of both :)

And its twirlability is really quite fantastic!

Will let you know when you can get this great pattern for your own little princesses :)


  1. She did a great job of painting blindfolded. Love the skirt!

  2. Thanks Kim!! It was fun :) am hoping to have another go all by myself sometime next week.. so how that pans out :)