Wednesday, July 28, 2010

just me: digital wednesday

getting there copy

OK dont laugh...

After looking through a blog called em ee kay ee, I found that Kelly had done some amazing pages with digital scrapping. I was well impressed and decided that once a week ( or so) I would create one for this blog that was just about me. There is so much on my awesome kids ( which is really what the blog is about) but if and when this ever gets printed for them to read later, I want there to be some things about me too.
I dont know why... probably cos theres hardly any photos of me!

Finally, second attempt at sending these postcard swap cards, hopefully this time it works!!
I bought cards over a month ago, wrote them all out over a whole weekend, then let them sit for a little while. I kinda wanted you all to get mine last. Anyways, about three weeks ago I decided to send them. I added one for Jumeirah cos she was a bit excited over the whole thing.

And we waited....

and waited

and waited

and nothing ever came for her..... and no one mentioned they got mine.
And so I went to the post office to try and find out why. The guy there reckons I didnt stamp them right, but I dont know why Jumeirah at least should have gotten hers..anyway, on the weekend, I bought a whole stack more, then typed a message ( it took ages to write the first time!) and TOOK SOME PHOTOS AS PROOF. :)

Then got the post guy to check it, and check again, and sent them sailing into the box and now hopefully onto you. I have recieved about 6 which has been such a lovely find in my letterbox.
If you havent done it yet( yes there is at least one of you) PLEASE do it :)
Apologies to those who got to it straight up.... I promise the Christmas one will be more prompt :)

So, what superhero skill would you want??

And has anyone got any tips for a very beginner digi scrapper???

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