Tuesday, June 29, 2010

rainbow cupcakes

slack slack slack, I know... Im sorry :)

I have ( for a reason not quite known yet) taken on a new venture and it took up a HUGE chunk of life and effort last night.... I have become a Body Shop at home Consultant :)

No, I dont really have alot of time to do this, but the lure of having a few nights out a week to have a conversation with an adult and pamper up new friends AND earning a few dollars for myself was way to strong to resist. So Monday night is order night and so I didnt get a chance to blog about our awesome rainbow cupcakes. Are you still holding your breath for them????

Will share the disaster cum triumph that they were :)

Friday dawned cold and grey here. We had two (actually three) cases of what-can-we-do-Im-bored-itis and so I scrounged the cupboard wondering if we could make something edible (since the cupboard was so beyond bare it just wasnt funny). I had flour, a few eggs and sugar so I decided that maybe we should try cupcakes from scratch. And heres what happened.....

First problem... we had no butter. But not to be swayed, I found we had cream in the fridge. So I stuck it in a container and shook the crap out of the stupid stuff shook it vigorously to make butter. 25 minutes later, I had this tiny amount.. I needed 250 grms. So instead of butter, we just added the cream. Same thing right??

Amahli helped by putting in all the patty pans. I had exactly 12 left so that was perfect.

She then took each of them out and scrunched them up.

And then she squeezed an egg... luckily I had a few spare... trouble is raw egg was making me dry retch....

They both wanted a turn so Jared carefully stirred the gloopy stuff...

Amahli had a turn too, but I stupidly added flour before letting her stir, which of course gave us an instant kitchen snow storm ( no photos of this one! it was everywhere)

Our mixture was a touch too bright, thanks to Jared and his "just a bit more mum" helping with food colouring...

We poured MOST of the mixture into the patty cases ( nicked from next door)

And then I paced the oven for about 15 minutes, willing these lovelies to RISE...

And rise they did :)

And I realised, even as I surveyed the absolute destruction that used to be my kitchen, that they were TOTALLY worth it :)

Who knows if they are edible?? They are very photographable!

Shock!! They are YUMM!!!

To top it off, I made the most amazing icing with cream and icing sugar and glittery yumm stuff...



  1. AWESOME! Now you are ready for Cake Balls for SURE!

  2. I love the line about "who knows if they're edible. They're very photographable!" A blogger for sure ;)