Tuesday, July 27, 2010

mummas day off fun

The mountain I conquered...... truly it was sight.

Over the weekend, I did something I havent really done before... with some pretty hilarious results :)

All children were awake and demanding breakfast at about 7.30am (sorry, yep ist the normal wake up time around here!) when I walked into the kitchen. The conversation with Jumeirah was as follows:

Me: "Guess what? Today I am having the day off"

J: "Thats great Mum, I'll have a peanut butter foldie"

Me: " Sure. Theres the bread and the peanut butter is in the cupboard. I am having the day off, you can do it"

J: "thats not funny, Mum. Are you joking? You are joking arent you?"

Me: "Nope Im not joking" ( I go and sit on the lounge)

J: "MUM! Im hungry! Just do it!"

Me: "Nope"

Tears began. ( by her, not me) And so I walked to the kitchen, got out the things for her.

J: " thats better. Now can I have two foldies?"

me: "Sure! Go for it"

By this time she was pretty mad, but I showed her how to spread it and fold it. Its something that really she could do normally but when you HAVE to do it, it becomes a chore, apparently.
Well she managed to make her own, then offered Jared and Amahli one too. She was pretty proud of herself and set off to play.
Whilst they played, I set up a big container of very warm soapy water and stacked up the breakfast dishes beside it. All three came over to see what I was doing.

Jumeirah told me she didnt want to but once she realised that bubbles and water was involved she began to wash up. Amahli quickly joined in, Jumeirah rolled up her sleeves "cos thats what a mum would do" and she had a ball.

Actually this activity they enjoyed so much, I was asked for the set up for lunch and dinner too, as well as all Sunday as well! Jumeirah loved not only the water/bubble experience, but the responsibility of completing an adult task. She then dried up and put everything away.

I let her in charge of Amahli too, making sure she involved her in washing up too.Amahli, little monkey that she is, had more fun washing her face, rewashing the things Jumeirah had just dried, and generally being over zealous with her washing up.

Once done, I asked Jumeirah to do another "mum" job... some baking. She decided to make her own cupcakes and proceeded to get out all she needed to do that.

So she wasnt too interupted by littler people, I set them up with their tea party, where they pretended to serve me tea and donuts for ages...

Amahli did come and help a little bit :)

All in all, it was a wonderful, fun day with lots of mum helping activities.

Jumeirahs final comment was just priceless though:

"Being a Mum would be so much easier without little kids."

Shes totally right :)


  1. Great job getting her excited about doing those activities. Now ship her over to me to do my house. ;-)

  2. Oh, that's classic! And so very true. Hope you enjoyed your "day off."