Monday, July 26, 2010

I woke up this morning with this stupid dizzy business again.. dont know whats causing it but its really annoying! Funny thing is, my littles had just the most perfect day to help me out xxx

I went back to basics today. I got out three primary colours and some paintbrushes and didnt add, or persuade, or coerce, ( or bribe for that matter :) )... I just let them come and create as they please.

Too often, the preschool teacher in me makes everything a complete learning experience without letting them just have the experience. Today, not feeling great, I sat back and let them do it themselves. Amahli was straight in and began by naming all the colours as she got out each paintbrush to paint. She talked the whole time she painted " dot dot dot" or " liiiiiiiine stop!" and just really enjoyed painting today.

Jared ( shock horror!!) came over and asked for a page. Maybe he knew I was going to let him do as he pleased and decided he'd have a go :)
He began by painting " a milkshake and a sun and a fish"... which continued to "a crab" and then " FIRE!" and then "just nothing".. he kept churning them out. Probably too it looked neat and not too messy so he was happy to stay. I loved watching him paint as he talks to himself whilst painting too. Often the paintbrush is a crane and hes more keen on playing with it rather than painting. He was really proud of his work too and showed a suitably impressed big sister and daddy when they got home.

Its funny, in doing something really simple they still had the chance to:

Name the colours

Match the paintbrushes with the paint pots

Turn take


Imagine, create, Dream.... All without pretty much anything from me :)

When then decided to cook ( well we made something with food, not much cooking involved though!) a Mars Bar slice. Yep its as good as it sounds :)


Three Mars Bars
2 cups of rice bubbles
60 grams of butter
melt the mars bars and butter together, pour over rice bubbles and stir through.Normally you would melt chocolate over the top but we didnt have any so we left it without.
Put it into a square dish and whack it in the fridge to set

its FANTASTIC. Unfortunately I have no photos of the end result because... ummmm... well.... I didnt take the photo fast enough for this tribe :)

Scales will no doubt show the result tomorrow!

Thought this week I would also add some links of some fantastic blogs I have been reading lately, some are just for the sheer fun of it, some are parenty and some are just for me :)

Todays one is the little one I stumbled across quite by accident but its really cute :) Its called Milas Daydreams...

Have you got any favourite new blogs you'd like to share?


  1. I checked out the Milas Daydreams - what a classic.. i might have to do a few photo shoots with Leah.
    I am into card making at the moment and like Mojo Monday
    i don't have any stamps so i don't participate but i like to see how everyone interprets the design... so inspiring

  2. I love the simple exploration with the primary paint colors - they look so focused on their masterpieces:)

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  4. I am dying to try that dessert. It sounds really good! One of my favorite blogs is