Monday, July 19, 2010

easy canvas art

july 172

This little monkey is still not as keen as the others at the "big trampoline"... she prefers to screech and hang on the outside... funny little chookie. She often is seen yelling instructions for them to do tricks for her when they are on it, which strangely, they do for her :)

Well, I am going to write last week off as "one of those weeks"....This week is much better :) and its only Monday!

Today was the last day of school holidays :( I know I will miss my little one again but am hoping for a PERFECT Term 3 for her... no bullies, just lovely learning and great friends that she craves so much :)

I wanted to do something " special" for her today so we did the big adventure of catching the bus. It doesnt sound like much, but trust me, three kids under 6, two buses and a pram?? its MAMMOTH. Plus I had Amahli hating it so she kept getting off the bus whilst I tried to pay the driver and argue with the pram at the same time.... but it was fun and the bigs loved it so it was a pretty successful day :)

The other day I found some cheap canvases and decided it was time to create some more things for the walls in their rooms ( ahem we have quite a number of gorgeous things to GO up.. they just havent made the wall yet.) and set them up with some water colour paints.

For Amahli and Jared, I created some patterns with sticky tape before they painted over it.

They loved doing this. I think because it looks special as its on canvas not paper they know its something that is going up on a wall. Jared was very careful with his, not liking too much to smudge the colours until he watched Jumeirah do hers then he was a bit more free :)

This is such a simple art idea and if you use the right sticky tape ( which I didnt as you'll see below) it is really effective. Unfortunately, mine bled under the tape. I would definitely use masking tape for this one. On paper the normal sticky tape works well but for these canvas ones, it doesnt have the problem of ripping so heavier tape is better.
Neither of them seemed to mind, Jared yelling " Look! Its like fireworks!" when we took the tape off.

For Jumeirah, I did a different style of art for her canvas and got her to draw me a picture in black texta first, then water colour over the top. She got to painting to quick so I didnt get a photo of just the drawing but you get the idea...

I really love the effect here, the colours are really bright but I love the watercolour softness of it. We are still very much into castles and princesses....

I have also been surprised that flowers and "dirt" (brown playdough) is still a really big hit! Something very easy to do has really given them a chance to let their inner florist shine :) Just need to get daddy to get some real ones to practise with now ;)


  1. They do look like fireworks! Very cool paintings. I bet someone would buy those at an expensive shop for a ton of money. You have the kids start cranking those out every day.

  2. oh man wouldnt that be awesome!!!