Thursday, July 29, 2010

Heavy or Light??

Wow did we have fun with todays crafty experience!! Its one you have to just go with the flow, and its REALLY messy ( well if you have a child like mine who is extremely .. how should I say it??.... involved in craft) but it was a very fun morning :)

Last week, after much begging, Jumeirah bought herself some parachute men. You know the ones... little green fella connected to a flimsy plastic chute that you can throw in the air and watch float down. Shes wanted one "forever!" and so I relented.

Jared today, was playing with one of them and it led to us talking about what else can float/sail or the wind? Whats light and whats heavy?? I so I created an experiment/ craft that we could use some things that are heavy and light to make a collage.

supplies today were:

cotton balls


fairy confetti

tissue paper



I had a little friend over today ( hes 13 months) and whilst my two crazies hassled the garage man from the safety of the window, I sat him down to collage. Its the first time I have done it with him but he really enjoyed it. He painted and then carefully selected things to put on it. Half way through, I took a feather and held it above him and let it flaot down. He giggled and I did it again. I then gace it to him to try, which he did! He then grabbed a cotton ball and tried to do the same thing. Much faster to the ground with that one. And so I showed him other things, not saying much, just letting him enjoy the visual concept of things that float down gently and things that dont. When my two heard the giggles, they came to see what we were doing. Once Amahli saw me throwing things in the air she wanted in. I stood her on a chair with a hand full of feathers....."WHEEEEE!" came the excited cry and she watched them float to the floor. "MORE!" came quickly after... and so as fast as I could pass her different things, she was throwing them around the air.

Then just as quickly, she jumped off the chair to collect her treasures to start again. She had a ball and my house quickly turned into a tornado of colour :) We did do a bit of actual gluing of the collage pieces, but really it was so much more fun to throw it around the place. Especially the ones that had already been glued down....
Once the excitement ahd slowed down and I put her to bed, I took Jared outside to properly talk about heavy and light. I gave him a handful of different things and asked him to gently blow it. We then talked about whether each item was heave or light. He really enjoyed this special one on one time, just him and me :) He also thoroughly enjoyed begin allowed to throw things in the air and see what happens.
Feathers float...

Glitter floats

Ltos of things float!!

This was lots of fun! I need to find some more things to practise with...
I have completely forgotten to post some of my new finds in blog land.. heres one for today.

I so needed to find this blog when I did... it totally inspires me and I am working to do some of the things it challenges me to do in my world for others.

Its called Kind over Matter and this is what inspires me most...

FREEBIES on this blog are absolutely goose bumpingly awesome. Go look at the printable cards. And then go check out the drop off section. These lovelies print them off and drop them off in random places for strangers to find. I think its such a wonderful idea, who knows?? You might just make someones day....


  1. Those are great pictures. I love how much it is while still learning. :-)

  2. and the best part was he barely evern realised the learning behind it! he was just having fun experimenting, and she was loving being allowed to throw stuff everywhere :)