Wednesday, July 14, 2010

just an ordinary play day :)

Over the weekend, I lost my knuckles to this fine project....

So there hasnt been alot of anything else going on here today! Its massive and bouncy and an absolute ball to be on ( trust me, I know!) so I havent pushed them into other activities but have sat and soaked up the sun and their continous stream of giggles. You know the kind, the ones that actually stop you breathing properly :)

LOVE it :)

I did have a few things out for them today though, just in case the mood moved them to something else. Mostly, the toys enjoyed a break and had a day off :) sort of....

My South African family got some quality "down time" watching a movie on the tv.. dad wasnt keen on it so he turned his back around and had a snooze ...

Until their world was interupted :)

I made some awesome dirt coloured playdough and added flowers to plant. I had a lovely time in here today :)

The girls enjoyed a day off from princessing and did a spot of sunbaking

Not for long though as Little Miss absolutely squealed with delight when she saw this small world tub today.

Miss Tiana did get a quick chance to have a lovely exfoliating scraub bath in the rainbow rice... looks pretty inviting dont you think??


  1. I want a big trampoline. We are coming over. See you in 15 hours. lol. I will bring some blackberries.

  2. AWESOME :)will are waiting at the front door.. you'll hear us half a block down the street....
    one day... one day....