Thursday, July 22, 2010

100 days

My littlest Imp, trying so hard to look like a fairy, but her cheeky personality still comes pouring through :)

There has been an awful lot of new tricks being tested out on our new trampoline at the moment. I stood poised for ages trying to get Jumeirahs latest. Even she was impressed at these photos :)

Oh my gosh, did I do it??


Amahli, as usual, is still doing her awesome trick too :)

Jared is still perfecting his, and wants more time before I start clicking away at him.

100 days.
I cant believe shes been in school for 100 days...this year seems to be flying past and yet it seems be going really slowly some days too. Im still not keen on it, its been a rocky start but this term is going to be the best one yet :)

And so to celebrate, they had a 100 day party at school. And, being the stupid ever helpful parent that I am, offered to make the cupcakes for them. Luckily it was only 50 but still... I wanted to show Jumeirah that her 100 days was worth me making an effort :)
And so I scoured the net looking for a way to decorate them. I wanted to do something in the theme of "100" but couldnt find anything. So I settled on finding these great cupcake printable toppers ( for free!) from the martha stewart website. A wonderful friend came and helped me cut them out and together ( with Jumeirah) we made these gorgeous little cakes and their toppers. They were really simple to do, I have a cutter that punched the shape out, we attached them to tooth picks and they were done!

And they were a big hit too :) I had 50 little "thankyous!" from 50 little people who were still waving around their tiny toppers like flags. Luckily, no one had stabbed anyone else with the pointy end...

As we were leaving, someone commented on what an awesome mum I am. My response??

"No, I am a pretty average mum. But I have an awesome daughter worth doing things for." Jumeirah looked up at me and smiled.

For she is absolutely worth it.

She just knows it again now :)

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  1. Gorgeous picture of Jumeirah at the end. I mean gorgeous!!!