Monday, May 30, 2011

foam shapes

I found the coolest things a few months ago in Lincraft.. foam sticky backed shapes. I hid them away for a rainy day. And guess what we got today ( and are going to have for the next 6 days)?? RAIN. Nothing but rain, rain, rain.

And for some random reason, I chose to remember my little secret stash and became awesome mum when they saw them. My kids love stickers and all things stickerish.
It did take a little bit of patience for all involved ( including me, I tried so hard not to step in today) to get the backs off but once it was mastered the most amazing creations came into being...

Jared, who I thought was just sticking them on any which how, came to me when he had finished and explained this picture:

The 5 triangles across the middle are (from right to left) "Amahli, daddy, jumeirah, me and mum. The yellow triangle is China ( the dog) and thats our house ( orange triangle atop teh green square). The purple is the moon and the orange circle is the sun. They were both out yesterday at the same time.

Pick jaw off the floor, Mum.

Amahli, never one to conform to the correct idea for things, created a "crabby patty" ( thanks spongebob squarepants) or in other words a "burger".

And of course Jumeirah wanted a go when she got home from school and these are her creations :)

Now, if you dont have a lincraft nearby, you can find these type of things on ebay. Its well worth stocking up for a day such as today :)

Heres a couple I found :) ( they dont know they are on here)

Foam robots

foam shapes

Happy Sticking!!


  1. We have those, too. I used them in the past to cover facial tissue boxes and make creatures. I got out the pipe cleaners (chenille stems) and we made arms, legs, antennae, you name it. We have also used them to decorate plain colored wrapping paper for gifts. After the gift is wrapped, the kids get out the markers and the shapes and create a personalized decoration.
    Looks like you had fun. I love how Amahli does her own thing. Our two year olds are too much alike. ;-)

  2. Love this!! You can use just craft foams (not the sticker kind) dipped in water and it sticks like magic to windows, bath tiles, fridge etc...