Thursday, May 26, 2011

puffy paint

Im sorry for my semi erratic day missing in my blog over the last few weeks... its not that I dont have things to post, I do, but by the end of the day all I want to do is flop on the lounge :)

Im totally loving my little one on one time with Jared when Amahli sleeps. We've conquered puzzles I didnt think he could do, we've almost mastered writing his name, but not only that, hes starts asking earlier in the day when shes going to bed because hes enjoying it too.

Today was something we've done before but Amahli was a bit little and Jared wasnt as keen so I pulled it out again.

DIY Puffy paint.

This is such a cool paint activity because it actually works!!
To make your own puffy paint, you need:

equal amounts of self raising flour and salt ( I used one tablespoon of each per colour)
Food colouring ( or watercolour paint)

Small amount of water to add to make it runny.

I gave Amahli and Jared some ultra vibrant ( yup bit heavy handed with the food colouring today... whoops) paint and some paint brushes and only gave them the instruction that it had to painted on thickly.

Jared completed one quickly, not really keen on painting. I took him over to the microwave where we put in his painting for 10 seconds and then another 10 seconds ( you can try doing it for longer but I cant guarantee that a small fire wont break out in your microwave. Ahem.) I took it out and he was absolutely squealing at the puffy painting he was now holding. He raced back to the table to do some more :)

Joint effort of Jared and me.. I did the heart, he did the spots :) This is before the microwave...

And after !!

8 paintings each later, I thought the microwave might have had enough so we stopped. But as soon as Jumeirah came home, all three were back painting again.

DIY puffy paint?? Yep its a WINNER!!


  1. I love all your art ideas! I am your newest follower:) please come over to my blog for a visit:)

  2. This is great! I am going to have to make this one. I love the way they turned out.
    By the way, everyone understands that you get tired. You din;t have to blog every day. When it feels like a chore, it's time to take the frequency down. Been there. Big hugs your way.

  3. Love love love the puffy paint! We did it today after school - what a hit! so much fun! and what a fabulous result! thanks again for the wonderful ideas Karina! you are a gem!