Friday, May 20, 2011


For those wondering about the birds I talked about earlier in the week??? Here are a few :)

More to follow...


Pink and Grey Galahs

Not too long ago, my dad bought me some fantastic corrugated square tubs in which to start our veggie patch. With much excitement, we planted squash, carrots, beans, tomatoes and strawberries.....

A few weeks later, the squash and beans came out, they were being overcrowded. Not long after, the carrots were pulled up too early and found to be growing at right angles.

Recently, I found this little sight... the tomatoes, now the sole survivors, are totally not growing where they are supposed to be. Roots are in the tubs, everything else is OUTSIDE the tub. Stupid plant!

So I went ahead with my Mothers Day plan ( that never really happened) and bought some gerberas for myself with the assistance of Littlest Miss and my little buddy.
Both were super excited to be going to Bunnings ( great big Man shed place) and being allowed to pick whatever colour they wanted.

Both pushed their own trolleys with their perfect pick and we headed home.
(I picked some tulip bulbs for Jumeirah to plant so she wouldnt feel left out)

And so last weekend, my whole little gang helped me with our new garden.
Before I pulled out all the rogue tomato plant, I gathered all the green tomatoes, wondering what the heck to do with them, when my ever helpful neighbour told me I could make Green Tomato Relish with them!! Stay tuned for that adventure :)

Almost finished collecting, I noticed this tiny red tomato under the rest of the shrub. It was unbugged, with no holes, and kinda perfect looking. I put him aside and wondered at the possibility of actually producing something I could eat.....

Jareds choice of colour: As bright an orange as you can possibly get :)

With the help of three lovelies, we weeded, watered and dug in the soil, preparing a way for my lovely flowers. Jumeirah found a worm which thrilled her no end and sent Jared inside. Amahli had a great time turning the earth for me and transferring it into the also rogue strawberries ( to be left for now..)
Jumeirah then made large holes to plant 8 tulip bulbs ( Im so excited to see if these will grow!) and then covered and watered them.

We then planted the two new gerberas and also ( for the second time) moved the old beautiful gerberas to make a whole tub of flowers. Hopefully they will survive their 2nd transplant.

Amahli's pick: Pink

Its so nice to be out in the garden, working together. I would love to be able to tend a proper veggie patch with my kids but time seems to run away from us for things like this at the moment. I'm still really keen to do potatoes but I am going to let the strawberries do their thing first and then try them.

So what did I do with my little piece of perfection ( my only tomato)??

Its was lunch :) And I was shocked and deliciously surprised at how tasty it was! And I was totally wondering whether the few tomato bushes I pruned but didnt dispose of would be replantable ;) ???

Tell me, how does your garden grow??


  1. Oh how pretty! (the after shots) :) Thanks for the bird pictures too. I went to youtube and watched a David Attenborough (sp?) video on the bird that likes all the pretty things you left for it. Very interesting!

  2. Love the birds!
    Our garden might not happen this year. We had horrible rain for weeks. And we are about to build a big fort for the kids. So that means tractors will be in the yard right where I would plant a garden. By the time everything is done, it might be too late. I will have to see. I would love to have a garden, though.
    My blackberry bush is blooming and soon I will have some. :-) I wish I could send those to you. By the way, did you find the dinosaur egg? It was wrapped in a paper towel to keep it from breaking. It fizzes in the tub to reveal a baby dinosaur.