Friday, May 6, 2011

family puppets

This week is a big week for a town just down the road from me called Wauchope when it puts on its big country fair ( I say " big" incredibly loosely...its ummm.. small really but it always has a big turnout and its fun to go to) and this year I decided to enter a couple of photos in the photography competition.
Ahem. Im being corrected as I type.. Jumeirah encouraged me to enter after winning her colour comp a few weeks ago. She told me that it didnt matter if I didnt win but that I should at least try. They do have a lot of comps on through the show from cow/chicken/goat judging, and the hall has drawing, quilting, preserves, cakes, doll making, woodwork, kids art, needlepoint, flowers, bonsais.. etc etc etc. I thought it would give me a chance to get a few photos out there and see what happens.

Judging took place last wednesday and I didnt hear anything so I figured nothing had come of it ( I didnt expect to win anything, thought I might get a commendation or something but really didnt think it would happen).
Tonight we went to the show straight from school and headed to see how cool it would be to see a photo of mine on a wall amongst other great clickers. I rounded the corner to see this :)

I am a bit excited really. I've never really done anything that had won me much before ( actually I dont think Ive EVER won something for something I actually did!)so it was a bit of a shock :) I won First Place for "children and their relationships", Most outstanding photo and Champion overall :) Pretty good hey!

Today we did one of the funniest crafts Ive ever done and was realy well enjoyed by the little chicks.
I started by printing off some photos or each of our family, ittook ages to find one of me... Im NEVER in them :(

I gave Amahli and Jared some "people" sticks to decorate with pastels. They tried to draw shoes and shirts, but mostly it was more interesting to see what I was going to do with the faces :)

I attached each face to a stick using blue tac and stuck them in the coloured pasta. Lots of shrieks and giggles and both were completely engaged in role playing our family.

Funnily enough, Mum and dad even got a smooch ;) Normally we are stood between so I was surprised to see it!!


  1. Awww, that's so sweet. How fun for them to 'role play' with their whole family! (and you got a smootch! Can't beat that) :)

  2. Congrats on winning the photo comp. You have some great photos to choose from. Good on Jumeirah for suggesting you enter.

  3. I love the puppets!
    Of course you won. You are extremely talented. Don't I tell you this all of the time? I am not a liar. ;-)