Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Project 52 week 12

Its been kinda nuts around here ( actually its really only nuts in my brain, the household seems fairly calm) with me trying to finish ( Ok lets be honest, I only started yesterday) a quilt for a little boy who is soon to be born.... we havent crafted as much ( much to Jareds delight) and three children have been hilarious to watch whilst they entertain each other.... so Ive let them be free from my crafty love to just ENJOY.

But I have been a bit slack with my project 52 ( Im still taking photos, just havent been putting them up here) so I thought I would post this one.

Its a drawing that Jumeirah did for me. Im rarely the centre of a photo with my kids ( Im rarely in them at all really) and more often than not, Im a tiny figure in a drawing too.But this one was beautiful, with me waiting at the Porpoise Pool, camera at the ready :)

Its us as a family, enjoying time together. And even though I dont really want her to know me as the "mum behind the lens" this perfectly captures a wonderful day we spent at the Porpoise Pool. I love that she is still relishing in those memories :)

I have also added a gorgeous video of my other two and a moment between them when we did the cotton bud paintings last week.

It really shows that by encouraging them in what they do, I am also teaching them to encourage each other. LOVE it.


  1. Awww, that's so sweet. My 2yr old often says "that's great, Daddy!" or "good job, Mommy! Excellent!" I hope he never looses that! :)

  2. Too, too cute!
    You are not the mum behind the camera. You capture great moments, but you are playing with them so much more than you are taking pictures of them. They will love that you preserved those precious memories. I bet they even start to like photography themselves. Especially Jared, you don't get messy but still get to be creative. ;-)