Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brid Helpers

Today I had a little person home from school.... with an apparent stomachache but I have a feeling it may just be a little "need a day at home" type of ache :)
She was convincing until about an hour after school started when she said " I believe that trampoline jumping would totally fix this Mum" ...hmmmmm...

So I let her have the day at home with us. I had a craft for Jared and Amahli to do but they werent keen ( gee so unusual really) so I got something really cool out for Jumeirah and I to do.

At Nannas house ( hubbins folks) they have a wonderful backyard which is home and flight paths for the most amazing birds. Rosellas, lorrikeets, king parrots, and more recently, bower birds. Nanna has taught some of them to be hand fed but mostly they dive in and amongst the trees, much to the delight of Miss Mother Nature ( jumeirah). Only a few weeks ago, Nanna found a bower nest built by a make bower bird and then found blue pegs around the nest ( which is built on the ground)which the bird had nicked from the clothesline to attract a mate. I had seen lots of websites where kids had made hanging baskets filled with ribbons and wool that would help birds to decorate their nests and thought it would be cool to make some for these lovely birds.

A quick trip to Bunnings for wire, a quick scrounge in the wool basket and fabric... ummmm...room ( it was in a box but it seems to be reproducing all through my craft room)and some ribbon we were set to begin.

I gave Jumeirah a long length of wire with the ends twisted together and got her to loosely form a "ball" shape.

With this, we then carefuly made a gap in the top and began to put ribbons, wool and fabric inside the ball.

Gently, we then closed the top so the ribbon and things wouldnt fall out and attached wool to the top so we could hang it in the trees. A quick trip to Nannas and our beautiful bird helpers were ready to be hung.

This is the beginning of a new "bower".

They looked great in the tree! We will hopefully get a chance to come and see how they are going over the weekend but Nanna promises to keep an eye on it and let us know if they like it :)

I hope they do :)


  1. I will now go do a Google search to see what a bower bird is (and the others you mentioned too!) :) That looks like it would be so helpful to the birds. I think they'll like it. :)

  2. That looks great. I bet the birds will love it. Yeah, I am with Amanda - I have no idea what type of birds any of those are. But if they are around your area then I am sure they are beautiful (everything seems to be). ;-)