Monday, May 2, 2011

ball painting

Today's crafty fun was all about engaging Jared and to have him enjoy something that included paint!

I began by getting out three tennis balls and let him go and practice bouncing them outside while I got the paint ready... Ball bouncing is actually a really tricky skill to master and it's something I'd like to do a lot more with him.

He and Amahli had a great time chasing the balls around the backyard while I set up.

I lay out two big sheets of heavy cardboard and also two containers of watercolour paint ( actually it's food colouring) and got them to put a ball in each of them.

I showed them how to roll the ball in the ink and then asked him to bounce it on the paper. It took a few goes to get it to really bounce properly but the effect was fantastic. Jared had a great time bouncing it but wasnt keen on catching it once he realised he might get back on his hands :)

Amahli loved trying to do this couldn't get the strength to throw it down hard enough to make a splat so I had another idea for her. I knew that Jared wouldn't be as keen on this variety of ball painting so I waited until he had finished and then got a new piece of cardboard out and showed Amahli how to dip the ball and then to spin it on the paper.

As I thought, Jared was pretty quick to leave ( he did have one go) but Amahli squealed at the effect and the paint that was spinning out everywhere. We ended up pretty covered in it ( I got asked at school what disease I had contracted) but she absolutely loved it.

Anybody else got ball and paint activities or just ball fun activities??


  1. I did the one over at No Time for Flash Cards. You could use the cornflour paint you like to make and roll the balls in it. You could bounce them off of the fence, or driveway.

  2. Those are really great looking works of art! How fun! And easy too! (I am addicted to ! evidently) :)

  3. We splat painted with balls too

    Love ur idea of spinning the balls, should try them next time! Thanks for sharing:)