Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Project 52: week 13

I have been meaning to link up each week to Kims blog Mom Tried It to not only include myself in some great photo fun, but to stretch myself as a photographer too.
I have been seriously lacking in doing this but was really focussed on doing it this week and I totally reckon you should do it too!

Anyways, this week the subject was "old".

Late last week we had a very sad and serious virus hit our beloved computer and it was quickly taken from me without much notice. I lost everything. Which didnt really hit me until hubbin told me I had also lost Photoshop and EVERYTHING that was in it... all the actions I had bought, found, been given.... EVERYTHING ( *GASP!* I know, Im still in sad land over it) . Including any cool time worn textures, taht would have ben perfect for this little challenge.

And so, without photoshop its a bit tricky to transform a photo to make it look old.
So I was looking through my weeks photos when I found something as old as creation itself that I had captured so perfectly. ( well I think so!).


As old as time itself, Sunrise has been going on daily ( although sometimes it is hidden from us) and therefore its OLD. And yet, nothing captures my attention, takes my breath away, and causes my to stand stock still and bask in its incredible performance everytime I catch it.
For the last three weeks, I have taken to walking on the beach at 6am. Yes, its a crap time normally to be awake, until I get to the beach. Ten minutes into every day that I walk, the 40 odd people that are soldiering along the beach in their own worlds stop and turn, and watch the show of Sunrise, never tiring of seeing it as its totally different every day.

For something so old and so everyday ish, I will never get tired of seeing it :)
And the days I dont get up?? ( about twice a week at max) I wonder about it all day :)

So this is my completely untouched photo of something "OLD".



  1. I agree, WOW! That is all I can say.

  2. It is beautiful! sorry to hear about your computer. I hope you get back some of the things u have lost.
    Love ya! Froget

  3. This photo is absolutely BREATH TAKING! I wanna be where ever this is RIGHT NOW! Gorgeous!

  4. Port Macquarie Meagan :) On the Australian coast :)