Thursday, May 5, 2011

simple uses for bottle tops

Have you got a friend you've never actually met? Someone you've met maybe online? Through a blog? Someone who lives a million miles away, and quite possibly the stars wont ever align for you to ever met them, And yet you cant imagine it never happening???
I have :) Kim is amazing. I started reading her blog and she started reading mine. I feel like I know her and her family. I read whats happening in her life through her blog ( and now facebook) and I am thankful for her never ending encouragement and comments ( they mean the world to me... hint hint)on this little blog.
I have known for a little while that she was collecting some bits and pieces to send here ( I love cool things from America!! especially Kool Aid)

( We are secretly squirreling away Australian treasures to send back once I get my butt into gear)

Exciting day for us yesterday... I recieved a huge box FULL of goodies for my little cherubs from my gorgeous friend.
I waited until Jumeirah got home from school to open it and seriously, my kids thought it was Christmas :)

My favourite was these cool foam in a can stuff ( yet to be opened, I am rationing out the awesomeness), but their favourite was these punch ball balloons. Now, I have seen them in Australia somewhere but we've never had them and my kids thought they were the best things EVER. Very hard to get photos of :)

It got me thinking.... maybe its time for another card swap?? I know we did a postcard one which was heaps of fun, is anyone keen to do another one? Or something different?? Maybe a sew along to make and then send on? Hmmm.. Im kinda keen really :) Let me know in the comments if you'd be interested and I will see what I can come up with... ( Im thinking sew along with something simple.... but am happy with card swap if no one else is THAT keen)

For the last few weeks I have been collecting plastic bottle tops. I have a whole heap of ideas on how to use them for different activities, but today we used them for a counting game. I set out the cool numbers I have ( they are filled with liquid and glitter... I LOVE them) and gave Jared and Amahli the bottle tops. I asked them to pick a number and then count out the bottle tops to match it. Really simple, but its really fun!!

Jared did a whole heap of them, he counted out each lot of numbers and lined them up with the right number.

Amahli is slowly getting to learn each number but had a great time sorting out the colours of the tops. ( another activity for another day, shes ahead of me again)

Easy simple learning made fun :)


  1. how nice to have a friend like her. Nice staff...

  2. Send me your post address - I'll send heaps of goodies from the amazing Dollar Store! Love this idea - Tobey can SURELY use this one. Where did you get those big glitter numbers? I'm on a search now for them! I can see this working for her multiplication tables as well - better get on the collecting. p.s. I'd love an exchange - and so would Tobey! (hee hee)

  3. You are just too wonderful. I am so glad the kids enjoyed everything. Did Jared like the dinosaur egg?
    You know I am keen to join in on a sewing and/or postcard exchange.

  4. Yes, balloons are always fun! :) Love the bottle cap activity. Simple and cheap. And most important, educational.

  5. @ martha: I'll email you my address :) We'd LOVE any treasures you can find! The big numbers are awesome hey :) I got them from Top buy website
    they also have alphabet and shapes as well :)

    @ kim: umm no dinosaur egg?? it didnt seem opened as the label wasnt ripped so I dont quite know what happened?? :( but the rest is awesome :)
    Ill send you the photo of everything that came out of the box so you can see if anything else was missing...

    @ Michelle: my favourite type of educational stuff is stuff they dont know is educating them!! :)

  6. Isn't Kim the best!???! I consider her one of my good bloggy friends too. It's hard to connect with people through comments, but she's just so sweet and giving, that it's so easy to get to know her. What a friend to send you all that loot!!

    I'd be interested in an exchange. I've never done anything like that, but I'd LOVE it! I'm not a huge crafty person, but I'd be game for anything. :)

  7. i've been wanting to get my daughter into sending things overseas. were in kentucky, but i grew up everywhere, including germany. we have a ups box that we use for pen pals!!
    love the idea just hadnt talked to anyone willing.