Monday, May 9, 2011

"helping" from start to finish

My kids love to help :)

When it suits them mostly, and when its a fun job. Luckily for me, many of MY jobs seem fun for them. Jared has a passion for vacuuming, as long as he can also style his hair. Jumeirah is a wonderful help in the kitchen, providing its something yum.
Aamhlis favourite job is to help with the washing, handing me clothes and then passing pegs. Its actually really helpful as on the days I have truck loads of washing my back aches from bending down so its nice to see such a lovely little face passing things to me.

But as I said, its mostly when it suits them. I think they believe that lots of jobs are done by the fairies as often they dont see the whole process of a "job". Jared doesnt clean up BEFORE we vacuum cos the "fairies" have already done it. Jumeirah, whilst she loves cooking, leaves the cleaning up to the fairies.

And Amahli, well she couldnt care less what happens once shes done her bit, as long as she gets a treat for helping thats all that matters :)

Today, I wanted her to be involved in the whole process of a job. And seeing as she loves the washing, thats what we were going to start with.
I gave her a tub to start with and asked her to collect her clothes from the hallway, bathroom and other random spots my kids seem to leave dirty clothes in. (Yet another job for our lovely fairies) She thought this pretty fun and grown up so she was keen to find lots of things. Including a few things that had just been washed and put away *sigh*.

I then got her a small chair and allowed her to load up the machine. I picked her up to turn it on cos she freaked out a little bit thinking it was going to somehow switch itself on, but we stoof and watched the clothes go round and round before closing the lid.

Whilst that was happening we had a jump on the trampoline. When the machine sang us a tune ( to let us know it was done) I loaded up her tub for her to carry out. we had constructed a clothes line outside so she had a great time mainpulating the pegs to hold the clothes on. I did my 500 loads at the same time. ( Slight exaggeration.. was probably no more than 300 really) We then had lunch whilst the clothes danced in the breeze...

This afternoon, once she had had a play with Jumeirah, I called her to come and collect it off the line. She was still happy to participate but I could see the fun parts were wearing off. 'This had taken all day!!' her little face seemed to say.

But she took it inside, dumped it on the floor, and I showed her how to fold a few things. Once she had done a few things I showed how they get put into the cupboard. At this point Miss 6 says " Nah thats not quite right Mum. Doesnt it get left on the floor for a week before you fold it??" Smarty pants quickly ran giggling to her room.

"I DID IT!" was the very happy cry when Daddy got home. Dare I tell her it all happens again tomorrow... and the next day.. and the next?? Nah, think I'll just re employ the fairies ;)

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  1. She looks like she had a great time. It is a fantastic idea to teach the kids about the work it takes to just maintain a home.
    Jumeirah's comment is hilarious. Your house sounds so much like mine. No wonder we get along so well. You are the Australian version of me. lol. :-)