Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Adjectives, anagrams and cool wall art

I found a link on facebook the other and have no idea how I got to it but the link was to an awesome website that created some gorgeous ideas for my kids rooms.

Some time ago, ( so long ago I cant find it in here anywhere!) Jumeirah and I talked about Anagrams and created some anagrams of our names. She loved doing this and so when I found this cool site, I had to make her one for her room.

The website is Wordle. Basically, you type in a bunch of words ( adjectives for what we were doing but you can do anthing) and it creates a page for you!!
Here is Jumeirahs, made up with adjectives describing her using the letters of her name.

Once I got started, I had to do more :) So I did one for Jared...

And when Jumeirah got home, she helped me create one for Amahli too. We had so many more words we could have used for her ( demanding, arguementative and crazy were a few ;) ) but I wanted it to be kind and look at the lovely side of her :) SHes not all bad really....

These would make great pressies for Fathers Day, friends, Christmas cards... possibilities are endless!!

Have a go :)


  1. Hi there,
    I am your newest follower (Jada roo can do) I just wanted you to know I linked back to you today found here;

  2. Those are great. Cole and Charley's would be sooo different. I think we know that Charley and Amahli are very similar.

  3. an anagram... how fun
    Love ya!