Monday, May 23, 2011

Numbers and letters

I made a pact with myself this week that I would do more things with Jared... too often, I put Amahli to bed in the middle of the day and Jared and I go separate ways... him to watch a movie, me to crash on the closest lounge/bed/floor to pass out for a bit before picking up Jumeirah. Its too easy to do, and getting up at 6am to get walk in before the day starts is fine in the morning but by lunchtime, Im ready for a nap ;)

So I decided that that time would have some great one on one time with just the two of us. Jumeirah got such great special time before they were born, and Amahli will get a whole year to herself when the others go to school.. I dont want him to miss out! So ihad a little list of things I thought he'd enjoy doing with me, even for a short time, before finding great joy in spongebob squarepants ( dont ask.... if you dont know, you dont WANT to know :) )

So this morning, I told him of my plans, that we would spend some cool time together when Amahli goes to bed. He was very excited at this idea and about half an hour later comes to me and says " How about now?" So I got the activity I had prepared for later and did it then!

I had typed, printed off and laminated numbers 1-10 and letters A-Z. After listening to a conversation between him and Amahli last week and what was a number and what was a letter in a book they were reading, I wanted to see if he understood it completely and also to start her on it too.

I gave them to special ( wine) glasses to sort them out with and they began. He had no trouble in telling a letter from a number even though he didnt know every letter. He knew every number without any troubles.

Amahli was keen to do it too, but prefered to ask his opinion which he was pretty chuffed that he knew something more than she did.
Together they sorted them all out and she ran off to play. He was keen to keep working so I got him to sort out the numbers into order, which he did too.

We then had a game of "hidden object" which we have played before with his trains and other objects but I hadnt ever done it with numbers.
Basically, he closes his eyes, I take a number away, he opens his eyes and tells me whats missing. He absolutely loved this game and wanted to play for ages. I had a couple of turns too which he loved being in control of.

He was funny to watch playing this game as every time I told him to close his eyes he pulled some random yoga pose ( no idea where he gets that from really... maybe Waybaloo?? on tv) which cracked me up.

He asked for it again when she went to bed so he sorted and ordered them himself.
Its amazing how a little bit of special time made this little guy such a happy little person in himself for the rest of the day :)
Makes my lack of nanna nap SO worth it ;)

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  1. That's so great! I loved the activity, and I also loved the great big smile he had. Sometimes it feels like they need so much more attention than we could ever give them, but really it just takes a little bit to make them happy, eh? Love it. :)