Thursday, April 28, 2011

One of "those"days....

Today, we hit the ground running... and its only now, at nearly 9pm that I can breathe out....

Today was the first day back at school. She was keen to go, but it took a monster effort to get us all out of bed and functioning before 8am after almost three weeks of no one serfacing before at least 8 and even then nobdy did much before 9am....
But we made it through the day. Fairly uncrafted, but we did it :)

I have lots planned for my little guy coming up so bear with me till we get back on the wagon..

Yesterday, I had one of "those"moments.. you know the ones. The ones that test you as a parent, that test your ability to stay calm and rational. It wasnt a massively big drama in hindsight but at the time, I was fairly cranky.

I got a call from my mum and talked to her for about 15 minutes. The kids, as per the norm, entertained themselves for that time. Amahli, funnily enough, was entertaining herself.

When I got off the phone, she leapt into my arms with a huge squeezey hug. (Alarm bells started ringing.... this kid is rare with her mum affection) I noticed beside her ear, a long curl was hanging down and ran my fingers down it, wondering why it was like that. The curl came loose into my hands. My first thought was " what has she got?" thinking she was sick... I asked her what happened and her reply was " I cut it".

Looking at one side, it didnt look that bad. Yes, she had taken few curls and cut them. Not too dramatic.

Until I walked into the loungeroom to find this. Somewhere on that head a whole heap of ringlets were missing. Didnt take long to find the bald to the skin patch.

I yelled. LOUDLY. She cried. Jumeirah cried. I cried. And then I hugged them both and told them that although I was mad, I still loved them and to please never cut their hair again.

My little mullet girl :)

I didnt really need to do much more, she knew how bad it looked and she had to tell daddy which she really didnt want to do. Hair will grow. Scissors will find better uses ;)

What do you do with things like this? The " learning my lesson" stunts that kids pull?


  1. Oh, that stinks. You handled it well, though. Hair will grow. I hope she learned her lesson. Honestly it is waaay better to cut her own hair than if she would have gotten the scissors on Jumeirah's long locks. That would have been disastrous!

  2. My friend just posted on FB that her 4 yr old got the scissors and cut her and her 2 yr old little sister's hair. They now look like little boys. It must be going around :) I'm sure she'll never cut her hair again!

  3. hi Karina! this is Jill from Things With Wings. I'm excited to tell you that we liked your owl name "Holdadora" so much that we decided to give out another little prize to the owl name we liked best! what can i say, we're suckers for silliness!!! come over to Things With Wings to see what you've won (the doorstop was randomly chosen for someone else.) and email me at with your mailing address! thanks so much for playing along with us!!!

  4. Im so excited!!! thank you so much for making my day!!!!!

  5. Kim and amanda: i was very thankful she didnt go for anyone elses hair and that she didnt cut the front!!