Wednesday, March 2, 2011

threading fun

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rain rain rain LOVE LOVE LOVE :)

Such a nicer day today.. cooler weather is so much easier to be in. Today I got out some pasta to thread for my littles. I dyed the pasta ages ago and never used it all so it was perfect for today. (its dyed the same way as rainbow rice). It was threaded onto wool and I had taped up the end so its easier to thread on.

Amahli whizzed through it, each piece of pasta was so quick to go on I sat there in stunned amazement. She didnt even need me to show her how to do it. She absolutely loved it.

Jared was great at threading but took more time to get each piece straight in the line, and needed some encouragement to keep going. Hes not big on crafty things so this was a great non messy thing for him.
And whilst he wasnt keen, he did make a great long pasta chain to wear.

Once threading was done, I started on the kitchen ( does it ever end?)
Amahli quietly came and nicked the tongs from the drawer... then some cups, and a bowl, then her tea set ( why that was in the kitchen I dont know)
I let her do it, she was quiet and happy and Im not one to unbalance a 2 yr old on edge...
A few minutes later, I was invited to tea and pasta at a fancy resturant. These lovely two had used the pasta and tongs in a lovely play setting that I probably wouldnt have thought to set up for them.

Tongs where carefully manipulated to pick up pasta ( its really tricky!), places were set.
And it lasted over an hour.
Now THATS what I call a perfect play morning :)


  1. Looks like fun. I love the last picture. Charley always manages to strip down when playing, too. Her favorite is to do it while I am cleaning and she is playing. I think our two 2 year olds would get along so well. :-)

  2. I absolutely think so too :)