Monday, March 28, 2011

shape pictures

What happens to the weekends??

They seem to slide on by at such a rapid pace that Im only recovering from Friday when Monday hits!
This week is even bigger than normal as my mum, sister ( and hubbin) and gorgeous nephew are coming to stay a few days :)
Should be fun!!

There was an interlude to the madness of the weekend when Daddy and Jumeirah went on date and left mummy and the littles at home for a while.
After wrestling the remote from my square eyed cherubs ( saturdays are fairly chilled and the tv seems to be on way more than its supposed to) I got out a simple craft for them to do. As I had to get it out quickly before the moment passed, I grabbed some coloured paper, some scissors and two glue sticks for them to use. I cut out some simple shapes and we talked about what they could make.

Amahli is still more keen on the process rather than any product. ( It actually is more about the process than the product but children seem to learn too early that the product is very important.)Shes meticulous with gluing ( and shes never been allowed to use a glue stick before so that opened up a whole new world of interest) and also with her shape placement. I love watching her so concentrated on doing this.

Jared didnt want to do it ( surprise surprise) but once he saw the glue sticks he was acutally pretty keen. We talked about what he was going to make... me suggesting trains, roads, boats.... actually my suggestions were pretty stupidly stereotypical and kinda boring and he kept saying " No no no no, just wait". Thinking he was going to do his usual 'slap two pieces on and its done' trick, I watched and waited whilst he carefully placed shapes on. Once done he presented me with this.

Its a monster, with three eyes, a happy mouth, two cheeks and a chin. See he's very happy!" and whilst I picked my jaw off the floor, I complimented him on such great work. Both cherubs were very proud to show daddy their efforts and we put them in the gallery ( ahem, well its stuck to the kitchen wall :) )

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  1. Jared is really starting to get into crafting, well not as much as his sisters, but he has come a long way.
    Love the monster face. :-)