Thursday, March 10, 2011

another use for toilet rolls

Yesterday was a busy day... I seem to be finding my groove the last few days and have been successful ( for the most part) in keeping my kids happy AND getting a spot of cleaning done in the off chances.

Todays cleaning agenda was to clean some outside blocks that have been sitting there staring at me for MONTHS. Amahli has asked to play with them often but I cant let her as I know they will be filled with spiders and other nasties. But today, they were my only big job to do. So I settled down with a bucket of water, an old toothbrush and the blocks and began.

I made a commitment to myself that just ONE cleaning thing will get done each day. With that in mind, I seem to find more purpose in doing it instead of kinda half doing it before finding something else that needs doing and then wondering why nothing ever looks finished. It means that I have to finish it before I go to bed. And for this week, its working :)
Because I was outside, Amahli and Jared were keen to show me all their tricks and clever stuff on the outdoor equipment. So I watched and commented on how much they had practised and how clever they were whilst I scrubbed and cleaned blocks. How very therapeutic :)

A few nasties later...

Amahli wanted to come and help me and so I gave her a toothbrush and we chatted about our days, the weather, what she wanted for tea tonight... such a lovely little girl to be with today :)
And soon, all the blocks were clean and ready to play with. One more thing off the never ending list.
In the afternoon, Jumeirah wanted something to do so I told her to collect all the rogue multiplying toilet rolls and we would make something with them.
I dont know about you, but SOMETHING in our house makes them breed and we always seem to have about 15 in each bathroom.....

I found this little craft years ago but have never really done much with it but it was perfect for Jumeirah today.

Each toilet roll was squashed slightly in the middle, then at each end you fold in the sides to make to flaps. It makes the cutest little pillow and looks like a great idea for party favours! She is going to make some bracelets to give to her friends to put inside them.

Once we had constructed about 10 little cases, she wanted to paint them purple.

And as I sat with her and painted too ( also very therapeutic) , I got to chatting about her day and what she wanted for dinner and how school was going and what she thought of the world.... and just enjoyed spending some time with another lovely little girl. Because the drive to achieve everything and clean everything everyday was gone ( well, dulled a bit anyway) I was able to enjoy just creating and making without thinking of the thousand other things I needed to do :)

For just a week ( to start maybe) I totally recommend doing this. For yourself, for your kids, for your sanity :)


  1. What kind of spider is that? Is it dangerous (please tell me yes, so there is something not prefect about where you live)?

    So glad you had some great conversations with your girls. How sweet.

  2. Haha yes its very dangerous. Called a "redback" due to the red stripe down its back.
    so my land isnt true perfection ;) is that better ? hehehe

  3. One spider isn't going to curb my affection and longing for Australia. My house has black widows and brown recluses, both very dangerous. If I give you my husband's email, can you get your husband to convince him to move? It may be a guy thing. lol.