Tuesday, March 29, 2011

bloom where you're planted :)

Lately I have had a run of days where I am not sure I am where I should be, or want to be, or where Im supposed to be....
Im in a limbo land where so many decisions I want to make cant be made due to my kids still being so young, having a busy life blah blah blah. Most of the time, it doesnt bother me. I know my time will come, my kids are only going to need me like they do now for such a short time and I am trying to enjoy every single moment of that because I know how fast it will change. But there are the occasional times I wish I could do more for me....

Yesterday, whilst I pondered this little annoying conundrum of life, the saying " bloom where you are planted" popped into my head. It kinda got stuck in there for most of the day.

Later that afternoon, I headed up to the trampoline when I came across this sight..... These are the Easter Egg hand made cards Jumeirah and I made a year ago and then planted. They are as tall as me, living in the tiniest of patches, in the worst red dirt soil Ive ever seen. And yet they have grown, enormously. And they are beautiful.

A week ago, they were knocked almost completely out of the ground in our fierce flood storm we had to the point where one has snapped at the base of the huge plant.

I hadnt had a chance to move it out of the ground since then and now Im glad I didnt. For today, somehow even with a completely broken main stem, I found two little flowers, standing tall in the wind. These two little flowers are blooming, right where they are. After all the hard knocks. Bad soil. Not much room to move. They are FLOURISHING.

This is from the other branch that wasnt looking so well after the storm either.

Such a wonderful, well timed reminder to bloom where you are planted :)


  1. Beautiful text and illustration - the flowers are amazingly gorgeous! And so, by the way, are YOU!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful reminder.
    The flowers are just beautiful. The shots of them are fabulous. I just can't tell you enough how talented you are.