Friday, March 4, 2011


With the huge success of 'apple eating" of last week, I decided to push my little munchers a bit further... Pizza.
Amahli wont eat the toppings. Jared eats it all, Jumeirah wont eat any of it. So, to fix this, I decided to let them help and make their own pizzas.
They could put on it whatever they wanted.
So to begin, we went shopping. Each child could pick something they wanted to put on it, then once we got home, all three were involved in cutting up the ingredients and then arranging their own pizzas.

Hand eye co ordination, fine motor skills, cutting skills and handling a knife.... things like this cover a huge range of skills that they can practise, and food seems to become more inviting when its in tiny pieces( I dont get the logic but Im going with it!)

Jumeirah discovered she really does like ham, Amahli sneaked handfuls of cheese she wont touch normally. The pizza bases were small too so it looked like a much more managable size to eat rather than a whole pizza.

Jared, whos not into anything tactile ish, loved decorating his pizza and actually commented that the pineapple was "wet and squishy", the ham was "smooth and yum", and the pizza sauce was like "lava" which all the ingredients fell into.

I must admit, homemade pizza is delicious. And even better when someone else is cooking it for you ;)

All three had a great time making dinner for themselves, daddy and me. All three helped me serve, all three actually ATE their own pizzas :)

What other meals can I get them cooking for me ;) ??


  1. This looks like you all had a great time and a great meal. :-) Love it when it all comes together like that.

  2. GOOD JOB turning yuck into yum, Mum! With these 3, I'd think anything they normally don't like could be a "help me" kind of dinner - ya know?